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“What is to be done about CYFS?” asks the media – CYFSWATCH replies.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on July 14, 2007

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“What is to be done about CYFS?” asks the media – CYFSWATCH replies.
Tuesday, 26.06.2007, 10:18am (GMT12)

Press Release What is to be done about CYFS?

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Tuesday, 26 June 2007 10:18:21 a.m.


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What should be done about CYFS? asks the media on 25/6/07, after yet another near tragedy, whereby two 14 year old boys in CYFS care stole rifles, stole a car, and started taking shots at the police.

CYFSWATCH  have been telling the media what to do about CYFS since January 24th 2007, when the CYFSWATCH site was launched

1/ Hold a Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Department of Child, Youth, and Family, with wide terms of reference, and include parental and family submissions to the Commission.

2/ Establish a CYFS Complaints Authority separate from Government, and staffed by qualified and experienced private citizens, not Government appointees. This Authority would have the power to censure, sack, and prosecute CYFS Social Workers for negligence, incompetance, illegal, and abusive conduct.

3/ Recognise that the current “accountability” system for CYFS is “accountability” in name only. The process of complaining to a CYFS Social Worker, then to a CYFS Social Work Supervisor, then to a CYFS Branch Manager, then to the Department of Child Youth and Family, then to the Social Workers Registration Board, then to the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers, then to Minister of CYF Ruth Dyson, then to Minister of Social Development David Benson Pope, then to the Office of the Childrens’ Commissioner Cindy Kiro, and finally then to the Ombudsman is an exercise in futility, as the entire process is a self-perpetuating self-protective Quango weighted in favour of the state sanctioned offenders – the CYFS Social Workers.

4/ Review the 1989 Children, Young Persons, and the Families Act. Nowhere in the entire Act is any sanction against a CYFS Social Worker who is negligent, incompetent, acts illegally, or is abusive to clients.

5/ Investigate the over 300 complaints that CYFSWATCH have now received about CYFS Social Workers on its site. Just 3 complaints about unacceptable police conduct was sufficient to trigger a Government Commission of Enquiry – how many complaints are needed about CYFS Social Workers before the Government cries “enough”?


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