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Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on July 14, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Tuesday, 10.07.2007, 10:54pm (GMT12)


(9th July 2007)

Sensible Sentencing legal adviser Stephen Franks today praised the scepticism and concentration of the Youth Parliament members of the Law and Order Select Committee. He presented the Sensible Sentencing Trust’s submission on reform of youth justice.

“I wish the real MPs were as suspicious of the soothing words they get from the criminal justice industry officials. The young people were told that our Youth Justice system is the best in the world, by officials who simply refuse to compare its results with the rest of the world.”

“The youth “MP’s” seemed disinclined to judge on kind intentions. They wanted to know what the smooth words meant.”

“Sensible Sentencing urged the young committee members to compare our current state with the rates that really matter – that is true criminal violence rates before the system became obsessed with ‘curing’ the sickness of individual offenders, instead of deterring most kids from going near crime in the first place.”

Sensible Sentencing’s recommendations were as follows:

To: Law and Order Select Committee – Youth Parliament 2007

What should be the focus of New Zealand’s Youth Justice System?
Answer: The goal should be exactly the same for every part of the criminal justice system – Minimising crime to protect innocent victims.

To that end it must respect what we now know about criminals. Speed and certainty of consequence can deter more than longer or harsher punishment.

Research shows one psychological measure on which criminals differ characteristically from non-offenders. Offenders have a high risk preference. In ordinary language they are gamblers, they seek out risk. They have high self esteem. They back themselves to beat odds ordinary people would not accept. Uncertainty encourages that gambling drive.

Our modern offender centred criminal justice system could scarcely be better designed to feed offenders’ exaggerated notions of their own luck. At every stage it maximizes uncertainty about the results of offending. The system encourages bets on the chances of:

  • Not being caught,

  • Not being charged once caught. The system does not keep good national records, so repeat offending may not even be recognized.

  • Being dealt with in laughable Family Group conferences. Promises to do good things may not be followed up by any authority, so can mean nothing.

  • Not being the one in 7 caught who go to the Youth Court;

  • Getting a judge who does not believe in punishment.

  • Getting a fine or community sentence that is not enforced. Eventually it will be wiped when the offender is next in Court facing more serious charges.

  • If unlucky enough to get sentenced to custody, being let out early because many youth custody facilities have been closed and new ones are too small.


Research also shows that offending patterns rarely change much once established. Accordingly, speed and certainty of consequence are especially important with entry-level or youth crime, before offenders become hardened. They must believe the law means what it says.

Our youth justice system breaches the first rule of sensible parenting, “don’t make idle threats you don’t mean to carry out.”

Zero tolerance is not zero compassion, or zero forgiveness. Second chances are ok. But not routine 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th chances. And even a second chance should have a cost. The normal social sanction of concern for reputation must be restored by ending automatic name and record suppression. Each apprehended youth offender should know there will be some unwanted consequence, instead of leaving more than 80 percent of apprehensions to go without formal procedure.

All communities are damaged by the weak youth justice system. It shows adults accepting feeble excuses. Criminal patterns are set that few can break as adults. We know that prisons don’t rehabilitate. The system should ensure that only incorrigibles will risk going there.

  1. Don’t patronize young people: They know it is unlawful when they buy cigarettes or alcohol other drugs, or prostitute themselves. The message when the law pursues only those who deal with young people, instead of those in the best position to stop the behaviour, is that the law is not meant seriously.

  2. Legitimise Police diversion: Confirm Police authority to offer first offender children and families the choice of participation in Police tough love programmes, on condition that if the Police conditions are not met, ordinary enforcement procedures through the courts will result.

  3. End the charade of family group conferencing: Preserve Family Group Conferencing for first and second offenders as a sensible form of restorative justice, but end it for habitual offenders and other “families” which do not care, or are criminals themselves. It should be a second chance, not a soft touch.

  4. Enforce restorative justice agreements: Allow Judges to make orders rendering restorative justice agreements enforceable, and authorise probation officers to supervise performance.

  5. Don’t patronise young people: Start criminal responsibility at age 10 for homicide (like the UK) and serious assaults, and at age 12 for all other offences.

  6. Give adult sentences for adult crimes: but ensure young people serve their sentences in facilities better suited to learning, keeping them separate from career criminals.

  7. Abolish the Youth Court and end Family Court involvement in crime, so that the District and High Courts would deal with all crime. Show at the first time offender’s first contact with the justice system just how seriously crime is treated.

  8. Enforce fines and other orders. A single agency (preferably the Police) should heave the responsibility and the full resources for ensuring adherence to orders in respect of young offenders. They could contract with other agencies if they wish.

  9. Restore judges’ power to design punishments to fit the crime: For example, judges should be able to make enforceable long term non-association orders to keep young people away from gangs.

  10. Punish bad parents: Hold parents responsible for readily preventable child offending.

  11. End vague talk about “counseling” and “interventions”: instead state specifically what real powers mentors or other custodians will have in respect of children, and what care children can expect from them.

  12. Restore shame: End name and record suppression for guilty young people and their families to cancel the message that youth offending does not really matter. Concern to protect family reputation is most cultures’ best first incentive for behaving. Secrecy tells kids that reputation will not matter, because the state will punish anyone who tells the truth about you.

  13. Ask hard questions about Tikanga Maori. Smarmy politicians give lip service to cultural respect. But they trash as “red-neck” the common-sense Maori justice values built around whakaama, muru and utu. With Maori offending so disproportionate to numbers, why do they not resuscitate those traditional cultural mechanisms to give some real meaning to cultural respect.?

  14. No racism: End the racist assumption that it is culturally offensive to expect the same standards of behaviour and care from all parents irrespective of race.

  15. Protect good parents: Protect from court and lawyer interference parents, and voluntary clubs, schools and employers which set and enforce behaviour standards.

  16. Bad company breeds bad behaviour: Restore non-association orders as a routine and strictly enforced consequence of offending to break up gangs and make bad company a burden



Stephen Franks
Justice Spokesman,
Sensible Sentencing Trust

Mobile : 027 4921983

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“What is to be done about CYFS?” asks the media – CYFSWATCH replies.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on July 14, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

“What is to be done about CYFS?” asks the media – CYFSWATCH replies.
Tuesday, 26.06.2007, 10:18am (GMT12)

Press Release What is to be done about CYFS?

From: cyfswatch cyfswatch (


Tuesday, 26 June 2007 10:18:21 a.m.


cyfswatch cyfswatch (

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What should be done about CYFS? asks the media on 25/6/07, after yet another near tragedy, whereby two 14 year old boys in CYFS care stole rifles, stole a car, and started taking shots at the police.

CYFSWATCH  have been telling the media what to do about CYFS since January 24th 2007, when the CYFSWATCH site was launched

1/ Hold a Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Department of Child, Youth, and Family, with wide terms of reference, and include parental and family submissions to the Commission.

2/ Establish a CYFS Complaints Authority separate from Government, and staffed by qualified and experienced private citizens, not Government appointees. This Authority would have the power to censure, sack, and prosecute CYFS Social Workers for negligence, incompetance, illegal, and abusive conduct.

3/ Recognise that the current “accountability” system for CYFS is “accountability” in name only. The process of complaining to a CYFS Social Worker, then to a CYFS Social Work Supervisor, then to a CYFS Branch Manager, then to the Department of Child Youth and Family, then to the Social Workers Registration Board, then to the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers, then to Minister of CYF Ruth Dyson, then to Minister of Social Development David Benson Pope, then to the Office of the Childrens’ Commissioner Cindy Kiro, and finally then to the Ombudsman is an exercise in futility, as the entire process is a self-perpetuating self-protective Quango weighted in favour of the state sanctioned offenders – the CYFS Social Workers.

4/ Review the 1989 Children, Young Persons, and the Families Act. Nowhere in the entire Act is any sanction against a CYFS Social Worker who is negligent, incompetent, acts illegally, or is abusive to clients.

5/ Investigate the over 300 complaints that CYFSWATCH have now received about CYFS Social Workers on its site. Just 3 complaints about unacceptable police conduct was sufficient to trigger a Government Commission of Enquiry – how many complaints are needed about CYFS Social Workers before the Government cries “enough”?


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Female assaults male; police threaten to contact CYFS and remove children if Mum arrested for assault.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Female assaults male; police threaten to contact CYFS and remove children if Mum arrested for assault.
Wednesday, 23.05.2007, 07:31am (GMT12)

Just watched Police 10 – 7


The scene was of a male clearly the victim of assault accusing his (Female) partner of committing the assault. Police approached her. She admitted it.


Now here is the twist. The male was told that if they proceeded  to arrest her CYF would have to be informed and would remove the children forthwith.


The man replied that he was their father, why could he not look after the children? He was informed that that was policy.


Remember this was on national TV


The last shot was of the male despondently walking away.

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NZ Bloggers support of Fiji Bloggers nothing more than an “orchestrated stunt in self-importance”.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

NZ Bloggers support of Fiji Bloggers nothing more than an “orchestrated stunt in self-importance”.
Monday, 21.05.2007, 06:53pm (GMT12)

NZ Bloggers support of Fiji Bloggers nothing more than an “orchestrated stunt in self-importance”.

The news that a group of NZ Bloggers have come out in support of Fiji Bloggers who are under huge suppression of speech pressure is little more than an “orchestrated stunt in self-importance” says the author of the CYFSWATCH website.

“Between January and March 2007, the offices of Crown Law, the Ministry of Social Development, & the Department of Child Youth & Family worked 24 hours, 7 days a week to shut down the CYFSWATCH site for publishing horrific NZ based stories of state sanctioned institutional abuse against New Zealand families and their children”.

“Where the likes of Just Left, Kiwiblog, No Right Turn, NZBC, Public Address, and Spanblather when this breathtaking display of socialist censorship was occurring? They, alongside a majority of the mainstream media, were calling for the CYFSWATCH site to be shut down, just as is occurring with various blogsites in Fiji”.

“The NZ Government tried and failed on two occasions to shut down CYFSWATCH, to no avail – a dedicated site is now at   – which is no thanks to our NZ Blogger critics”.

Perhaps the NZ Bloggers organisation needs to show some balls and backbone in their own country, before they start pretending to the NZ media how “brave” they are in supposedly supporting the rights of free speech in
Fiji”, says CYFSWATCH



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MSD establishes CYF Complaints Unit for those abused or maltreated in care.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 11, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

MSD establishes CYF Complaints Unit for those abused or maltreated in care.
Wednesday, 09.05.2007, 02:39pm (GMT12)

Historic claimants – Ministry will do right

9 May 2007

Ministry will do the right thing in respect of historic claimants

The Ministry of Social Development is committed to working through historic claims of abuse or maltreatment. “I will ensure that each and every one of the individuals involved is treated with dignity and respect. They will be listened to,” said Ministry Chief Executive Peter Hughes.

The Ministry has established an investigative unit separate from Child, Youth and Family to examine each claim and the past care system. So far 155 claims have been lodged as civil cases with the courts alleging abuse and inadequate care over the past 66 years.

“I give a personal commitment that the Ministry will own its mistakes. We will do our very best to act in the interests of these claimants and do whatever we can to put things right,” said Peter Hughes.

“It is also important to recognise that the claims seek significant amounts of taxpayer money and the public expect that any compensation that is paid is done so on the basis of good evidence that supports the claim.

“Some of these allegations are against people with long careers in social work, who have made a positive difference for many children and young people. They vigorously deny the allegations. They have a right to respond to any allegations and defend their reputations. And the Ministry supports them to do so.

“The vast majority of the claims relate to former staff. For the thirteen staff still employed by the Ministry, thorough processes are in place to protect everyone’s interests.

The Ministry is in discussions with claimants’ lawyers about meeting their clients and fully investigating their claims. To our knowledge there are no active police investigations in respect of these claims.

“The first of these civil cases are due to be heard in the High Court next month. Given the pending court action, the Ministry is limited in what it can say at this stage about the claims, but I reiterate my commitment to act fairly in respect of each and every one,” said Peter Hughes.


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Change of the guard at CYF Masterton – new Practice Manager Ruman Ansari appointed at CYF Masterton.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 11, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Change of the guard at CYF Masterton – new Practice Manager Ruman Ansari appointed at CYF Masterton.
Tuesday, 08.05.2007, 09:11pm (GMT12)

Anonymous writes:

My friend who has had hassles with these people, told me on Monday that there is a new person in charge, Practise Manager Ruman Ansari. She has promised to help get his kids back.

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CYFS Social Workers being provided specialist counselling and Police protection for being named on CYFSWATCH.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 7, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

CYFS Social Workers being provided specialist counselling and Police protection for being named on CYFSWATCH.
Monday, 07.05.2007, 12:47pm (GMT12)


Yes, it’s true.

The Ministry of Social Development has had to set up specialist counselling intervention for the supposedly suffering CYFS Social Workers who have been so rightfully named on this website (over 150 to date).

The MSD is also providing Police protection for those who have ostensibly been “threatened” (although no-one can as yet point to any direct threats to any Social Worker on CYFSWATCH since we launched on 24/1/07).

Sort of like protecting the wolf against the “threat” of the 3 little pigs – however, such is the insanity of state sanctioned Government Departments.

Guess we’re getting to you guys, huh?


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Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 1, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

One SUPER message containing all the news from the CYFSWATCH GROUP!

The SUPER message! Tee shirts, radio Station….
Monday, 30.04.2007, 09:46am (GMT12)

THE GATHERING, to be held in Masterton on Queens birthday weekend. We don’t expect many to turn up because of the lack of warning, but you wont have an excuse next year.Email for more information!

PTTP-hosting is now online. POWER TO THE PEOPLE hosting will provide low cost free speech sites to the masses. Get your own blog from $2.00 per month, we watch your back so you can tell the Governemnt what you think.

CYFSwatch tee-shirts will be on sale from this Tuesday, the online E-shop is at the pttp-hosting website.

RADIO CYFSWATCH will be on “ether” from the middle of next month, playing 24/7, but only a few hours per day will be live (at this stage). The stations homepage can also be found at pttp-hosting website. If you would like to be a DJ then email me at for details. Homepage at

The “CYFSWATCH GROUP” is to publish a book, out later this year, about the storm CYFSwatch created, and will contain many of the stories parents have posted on the site (except, all names will be removed, for legal reasons) It will tell the stories of people who felt elated and empowered by the arrival of CYFSWATCH and how it has changed their lives, but also sadness when it dawned on them Labour was going to just ignore the website. It examines what rights we, as a people, really have in this nation, and the lengths some have to go to obtain a “fair go”.

The “CYFSWATCH GROUP” will also start distributing a monthly newsletter with uncensored stories from the CYFSwatch website to all those that pay a small fee for it. This is mainly for those without internet access BUT, also, you can email the newsletter to your local M.P. 🙂

The “CYFSWATCH GROUP” is also moving into politics. Within the next few months, a dedicated site will be set-up to advise everyone on where the parties stand on issues such as Bradford’s anti smacking bill or demanding an investigation into CYFS, this will then further expand onto where individual MPs or candidates stand on those things.

Email links will then be included so you can voice your displeasure at that MP, or thank him/her for supporting our cause.


Please note, the CYFSWATCH GROUP is a NON PROFIT group and its members donate their time and money freely to the cause. We rely on donations, so a DONATE button can be found at the CYFStalk website, or if you do not have a credit card, theres bank account details there so you can make a bank deposit.

We are NOT selling ANYTHING, we ask you to pay the stated DONATION, and as a reward, we will send you the item you selected, be it a tee shirt or a blog. We object to being tax collectors for the Govrnment while they would use that money to run their state Kidnapping agency, CYFS.

Over the next week, I will aslo be creating new Email accounts for the CYFSWATCH GROUP, so rather than Email me about the gathering, you can email those organising it at something like or another account for the merchandise and so on.


Would you vote for any MP that supports the Bradford anti smacking bill?

YES: 19.8% (85 votes)

NO: 80.2% (344 votes)

This mirrors the national trend which constantly shows the people do NOT want the Bill.

(Bill is right… we, the people, will be paying for years to come for this stupid bill.)

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“There is No Sound Scientific Evidence to Support Anti-Smacking Bans” ROBERT E. LARZELERE PhD.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 29, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

“There is No Sound Scientific Evidence to Support Anti-Smacking Bans” ROBERT E. LARZELERE PhD.
Sunday, 29.04.2007, 03:24pm (GMT12)

“There is No Sound Scientific Evidence to Support Anti-Smacking Bans”


Dr Bob Larzelere is in the country! Associate Professor of Psychology Dept. Human Development & Family Science – Oklahoma State University

Dr Larzelere has been one of the world’s foremost experts on child correction for the past 30 years – including:
• One of three social scientific expert witnesses on the side of successfully defending a similar section to NZ’s s59 of Canada’s Criminal Code.
(The social scientific expert witnesses on the other side included Joan Durrant. Durrant has been painted as the authority on smacking bans in NZ yet was ignored in her own country!)
• Member of Task Force on Corporal Punishment – American Psychological Association.
• One of 7 experts invited to present at 1996 Scientific Consensus Conference on the Short- and Long-Term Consequences of Corporal Punishment – co-sponsored by American Academy of Pediatrics.



Overview of scientific studies on corrective discipline, letters to professional journals, and international evidence

Comparing Child Outcomes of Physical Punishment and Alternative Disciplinary Tactics: A Meta-Analysis – Executive Summary
Comparing Child Outcomes of Physical Punishment and Alternative Disciplinary Tactics: A Meta-Analysis – Full Study
Robert E. Larzelere and Brett R. Kuhn

LETTER TO CANADIAN SENATE opposing the similar section to NZ’s section 59

Does Smacking teach Agression

Sweden Smacking Ban – More Harm than Good

Children and violence in the family: Scientific contributions.
(a submission to the UN Global Study on Children and Violence, on behalf of the American College of Pediatricians).

Media Appearances booked already:
8.10 – 8.30am Radio Live
10.00 – 11.00am Newstalk ZB with Leighton Smith
1.00 – 2.00pm Radio Live with Willie Jackson and John Tamihere
7.00 – 7.30pm Campbell Live TV3 (debating with the Children’s Commissioner)
More FM Christchurch Breakfast Show
9.10 – 9.30am Radio 531 PI
10.00 – 11.00am Radio Rhema
11.15 – 11.30am Newstalk ZB Christchurch

Meetings with politicians from United Future, Maori party, National, NZ First and Sue Bradford.
Also the Families Commissioner.

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Texas gets it: Governor orders state-wide investigation into Child Protective Services.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 27, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Texas gets it: Governor orders state-wide investigation into Child Protective Services.
Thursday, 26.04.2007, 11:00pm (GMT12)

Texas gets it: Governor orders state-wide investigation into Child Protective Services.

Reporting Child Protective Services Issues

The Health and Human Services Commission’s Ombudsman Office, in conjunction with the Office of the Inspector General, has established a toll-free line for people to report complaints in response to Gov. Perry’s ordered statewide investigation into the practices and procedures of Child Protective Services. If you have information or concerns about casework management or inaction when children have been exposed to abusive situations, please call:


You may also fax your information to fax number: 512-491-1967.

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