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25 Responses to “POSTS”

  1. Viv Roberts said

    Hi guys – congratulations on keeping the website going – you deserve a medal.


  2. John Catcher said

    Hello people

    What right do you think you all have to run this kind of website? WHat gives you the right to make such trash public?

    Don’t you think that it is time that YOU ALL suffered the consequences of your own actions?

    Don’t you all realise that as you link to websites, your electronic footprint can be traced through the servers and back to your computer? Don’t you realise that this gives me your telephone numbers, area codes and all? Don’t you realise that, using Telecom’s online phonebook this gives me your names and addresses?

    So, have a look over your shoulders!

    If I can get it, so can the authorities.

    John Catcher.

    PS. Thank you for the photos from the computer in Tauranga. Better than paying for them.

    The financial information from the computer in New Plymouth is useful, thanks. However, I would look at your own debt/equity ration. By improving this you will increase your profitability with smaller investments. (Don’t panic, I don’t need the money so your banking details are safe).

    And Grey Lynn (running a Compaq with Windows XP) – what I saw is illegal all by itself.

  3. Sieffe said

    I had a small altercation with my 13 year old son a year ago . . .I hit him with a soft cushion and the next day his face came up black and blue on one side . . .he and I were both shocked and my wife took him to the doctor to see if he had the condition which causes easy bruising. The results were negative, although only one test was done and there is a second which was not done so it is still very slightly possible that he has one.
    I was then sent out of the family home for eight months . .I have been to months of anger management courses and still think that the best thing in the first place would have been not to send me away but to give us help as a family.

  4. Bonnie Schlef said

    Reply for John Catcher…You talk about “trash” in your posting John…it is a pity you appear to be one of the numerous uninformed and intellectually dumbed down people in this country ( New Zealand ). Presumably you have first hand experience and information regarding the unconscionable conduct of those responsible for establishing and enabling the rampant culture evidentially alive and well within the machinations of CYFS.

    May I suggest you pehaps inform yourself rather than make inane uninformed comments espousing your IT expertise. Please feel free to email me personally, provide your address and I will gladly forward to you evidential documentation that indeed substantiates negligent malpractice and unconscionable misconduct by various CYFS employee’s.

    Your uninformed ignorance is almost as astounding as the conduct of CYFS personnel nurtured by senior administrative management within the organisation. Wake up Catcher…or perhaps it is merely a case of you perhaps not being astute enough or indeed privy to facts on a national basis. I am fortunate to have in writing from the department confirming CYFS internally established policy to destroy written records from Family Group Conferences…NO State department has the authority to act in conflict with other laws of NZ to which the State are also obliged to comply…Official information remains as such…records must be maintained according to law, and I invite you to point out to me where in the Children Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989 provides carte blanche authority for the imbeciles who orchestrate these idiocies to destroy official records.

  5. Nik said

    And on it goes…in support of the smacking bill…heard on National radio this a.m. Benson Pope saying (sic)…”CYPS do not investigate frivolous complaints and anyone who is sensible believes that”.

    For crying out loud, does he not realise? how out of touch are these people? all of the complaints, websites, unease etc is BECAUSE frivolous complaints are investigated.

    False allegations are pursued to suit child custody cases in court; financial gain via Child Support; and the acquisition of property under the Matrimonial Act.
    Current NZ family law supports frivolous adversarial interests.

    Wake up!

  6. Bryn said

    Cyfstalk and assocciated sites are down… enemy action? or co-incidence? All 200+ sites hosted by that particular server are offline because of this Denial Of Service. Maybe John Catcher with his vaunted expertise may have an explaination? Or is he just another dimwit who likes making meaningless threats. Email me if you’re that good, and explain why Free Speech is not allowed in your world?

  7. bill said

    You cannot institutionalize the raising of children all families are different and raise their children differently government should stay out of it and stick to their real work of running the country

  8. Viv Roberts said

    Hi Guys

    I wonder if I can talk to you about tagging onto your site, would that be possible?
    Send me an email?

  9. Jay said

    Look, I have no idea of how to contact you guys (Watching cyfs). I sent post in same Comments I am using now a few days ago RE: cyfs new sneaky trick.
    PERMANENTCY about 2 days ago, just after I was given lowdown on it I also put a copy of it in Grame Axford’s Blog.
    The fact is I know of one case where cyfs are badgering someone to sign or go to court. I got a reply from John @ PANIC
    who like myself is concerned that some parents may sign the Permanentcy papers, not knowing they lose all parentual rights and their child has been legally ADOPTED OUT!
    Visits. nothing to do with cyps as child has new parent’s.
    Cyfs can take out this order after child has been in care over 6 months.
    If child gets sick goes to hospital,
    you (as real Parent/s )have no legal right to know.
    Cyfs claim it is all about cost saving.
    Myself, I call it criminal!

    Is there any difference between this carryon and what happened to Aborigine
    kids back in the 50’s & 60’s in Aussie?
    That was also state sanctioned, now called a criminal act and condemned by
    other countrys

    So if you could see your way clear to putting this info up as a Post, it
    would help parents to be aware.
    On asking around, it is thought that MPs have no idea of this new kidnapping ploy to get our kids of of their books,
    to make cyfs stats look good, but cost to parents. Heck if parents are separated, broken up, one signs the
    Permanentcy papers, the other parent
    is near out of their mind.
    I met a person last week that this is happening to.

    I had never heard of the word/term PERMANENTCY befofe a week ago.

    This is a new low, even for cyfs.
    The bottom line is: if parents get suckered into this, they are stuffed.
    For all intents and purposes, their child is gone and cyfs are out of the picture.
    This news may and will scare people,
    but is is happening now. For privacy reasons, I can not say where and to who. Forewarned is forewarned.

    Thanks guys!

  10. Jay said

    Hi again People.
    Could you post this please.

    It appears there is a CURRENT REVIEW OF CYFS ACT UNDERWAY.

    That will recommend changes if Necessary.
    The first was news to us, the second, ho hum, heard it all before.

    As you might know by now I, (Kay Axford) and others, are:
    putting a Petition together, looking at final draft. (Other 2 earlier ones on this site already for visitors to look
    and comment on or contact Kay )
    I am still going ahead with petition.

    I have asked by e.mail the persons who sent said info, some questions to answer.

    as I feel we will all be interested.

    1; Who are the stakeholders contacted?

    2; Does this review include parents?

    3; Will cyfs be looking at adopting the international, accepted Code of Ethics
    for their workers?

    Are any of you aware that a REVIEW of Cyfs is going on! Or know anything about it, e-main Kay Axford or POST it

    Regards: Kay Axford.

  11. Sharlene said

    I september 20005 my little girl who had just turned 5 was taken from cyfs while staying with her stepfather as i was in hospital. Since then i have still not got her back and have only had 4 visits. My last visit with her was veru upsetting as she has started pullung her hair out and is very jumpy. When i mentioned this to the social worker she respned with yes i now i am going to make her an appointment with a peadiatrician. I asked why this had taken so long and why child for councel was not informed. All she could say was she was sorry. I have an 11 yr old girl who has not seen her sister since 2005. Cyfs will not allow it as it may upset the children. But they can let mt\y daughters father have access even though cyfs no that i have a protection order out on him since 2000. They no that this man is very dangerous and knowing he went to jail for trying to kill myself and my kids. They contacted him while he was still in jail letting him write to my little girl. The police also know this man is dangerous. They also gave him all my personal
    details and all i got was sorry. My daughter has been moved numorous times since she was taken and also abused in one placement. My little girl is veru unstable adn CYFS have done nothing. Cyfs have caused me and my family so much pain. If anyone can help me please let me know. All these social workers have come from the Paeroa office. I am so scared for my little girl. My baby was fine until cyfs came and took her away from us.

  12. jay said

    Hi watchingcyfs,
    Could you post this for me please.


    What a load. I read What Hughes said.
    Who can afford to take claims to High Court. Cyfs are backing ratbags who are causing the horrors.
    This happened to Aborigines in 50’s & 60’s. Aussises got hammered over this.

    Your new shit for brains review! Same dipsticks who cocked up this Cyfs Act
    20 yrs of horror latter your dept asks these bozos to look at it again, and say you will look at changes, but not likely to change anything. You are full of it. How bloody dumb do you think we are? As stupid as you lot?

    Did you bother to ask parents what changes are needed? Nah, you go and ask the twits who screwed it up in the first place. Dyson gets a scwiz then the unwashed etc have their say.

    We should take you to Fair Go.

    WHAT WAS CYFS ANSWER… Folks: it is all being put on the Net in sites like this. The TERM IS: CYFS HORROR STORIES.

    Cyfs may guess who wrote this, I do not give a stuff, Screw them!


  13. Jay said

    When I was in the armed forces so many years ago, a little dicky bird told me to become a shrink, so I headed to Florida and open a practice. Gosh aren’t I clever!!!!!
    Now I sit on my bum all day bitching about cyfs and how they fucked up my life. Why? Cause its so much easier to blame cyfs then to do a “Michael Jackson” and look at “the man in the mirror”. Heeee He, Owwww…. I’m Bad!!!!!
    May be I should go to a fellow colleague and get some therapy, or join denstiny church, I hear they have a good dental plan. Maybe I should take out medical insurance to have my brain exaimed, only problem, they may not cover me as I left my brain in Florida. Gees its real good to talk to you guys… My friends. P.S. Bradford is real hot, wish I could bone her, may be we could have a naughty weekend away in florida. How about it bradford????? Man, I think this vigrara and antidepressent have just kicked in… sorry folks about that. Well I suppose I better be going the KY Jelly has just warmed up. Catch you all later… when I’m finished and am angry again and want to bitch and moan, instead of just moaning.

  14. Mike said

    Has anyone here ever wondered why cyfs gives custody of grandchildren to grandparents who abused their own children? i know of 2 cases. In one a woman avictim of sexual abuse by her father hit her son. The son was placed in the care of her parents. Another case a woman with serious drug problems was physically and emotionally abused, her 2 children now in the custody of her abusive parents. WTF?

  15. char said

    so we are liven two gether .u had no rite 2 take my 2 sons,in 2 your abot i go higer..GET A REALL JOB

  16. char said

    so we want our kids bk.but rember i can go higher ,,kids out there dont want 2 b n cyps care or famiy numbers dont want them
    …and if the kids are sick NO we dont gt told ..JUST SHIT

  17. char said


  18. char said

    dont email me …cyps are playn wif people

  19. char said

    my kids where safe wif us ,,,,,,,,,,,,but just took them karen harrison is the best 2 have

  20. Steve said

    Talk about blatant slagging off by cyfs suck-arses as in this last fake’ Jay.’
    Most persons with posts in this site, are from what I have read, are trying to make people aware that changes need to happen to Child welfare in NZ. By the amount of flak Cyfs seems to be getting, changes are well overdue. For the ‘Fake Jay’ ( Last posting, above), belittles the work of others who seem to be working hard to seek change. Is insulting to them, and only shows what lengths, Cyfs or their ‘self-interest’
    hanger ons will go to, instead of cleaning up the all too obvious problems with their Dept. As to bitching, most in this site seem to be stating some serious un-addressed issues. Good on you people.
    As to the above pathetic attempt to slag off one of you or all of you,I am surprised that the persons running this site, have let this dribble stay in it.
    It is not even an alternative view. Or in any shape or form be classed as such! More like ‘Hate-mail.’
    Not a good look when, visitors go to this site. They are bound to think you are desperate. Not a good image to project.

  21. Jay said

    Go bite yourself Jay lover. This website is bullshit. I know kids who have been in care because of bastard parents, so not all of the horror stories are about fu@@ing CYFS okay. Horror is parents who should be fu@@king protecting there kids, not fu@@ing them up. GET REAL!!!!!!!! You all seem to act completely innocient and maybe a few of you are, but your not all INNOCIENT, even a few of you far fu@@ing from it.

  22. Jay said

    Any way Stevo, doesn’t seem like the REAL jay wants to play here any more. Ooops must be crying in the corner. Freedom of speech numb nuts. Isn’t that what this website is about. Or is it just so we as wronged newZender can b@@ch about CYFS, cause they aint got anything constructive to do to get their kids back, like…. i don’t know… parenting classes, um…. anger management classes…. AA….. what ever been F@@king asked of them by the courts. S@it, don’t you just get it, prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are fit to be parents, it ain’t a god given right that you are entitled to, stop b@@ching and get the work done. Far out.

  23. twowheelcowboy said

    does anyone know what happened to PANIC? Was working yesterday

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  25. pixie said

    What has happened to this website?

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