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CYFSWATCH New Zealand’s re-launch

March 1st, 2007

CYFSWATCH now has an independent dedicated server and URL offshore.

We will re-launch the site by the end of the week.

Stay tuned for the URL




cyfswatch Says:
March 1st, 2007 at 10:35 am Go to for an explanation page of the latest events. CYFSWATCH do not intend re-launching the site via Google. It is just convenient to post a page there for now.CYFSWATCH

CYFSWATCH New Zealand HAS GONE AGAIN ???????????????

Has CYFSWATCH New Zealand been got at ????????????????????Its gone againThe authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.CYFSWATCH New Zealand responds:

Message from CYFSWATCH New Zealand

We did NOT delete the blog – we have made contact with wordpress to try to ascertain what might have happened. We will keep you posted. Blog is saved so won’t be an issue, plus we have the watchingcyfs mirror site. May have been hacked?

Not sure.


As information comes to hand it will be made available and posted here.

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13 Responses to “Home”

  1. i have an ass!

  2. Anonymous said

    Looks like you guys got hacked did ya?

  3. Tai said

    You guys should get a real URL like, so you can just point your URL at a new website in a matter of minutes. It only costs a few $, make your site work by having it findable !

  4. Simon said

    Playing hide and seek can only benefit Google and the government:-)

  5. CYFSWATCH now has an independent dedicated server and URL offshore.

    We will re-launch the site by the end of the week.

    Stay tuned for the URL


  6. t94xr said

    Sad, Just when I thought we had gotten rid of them.

    and it would be pointless having a .org domain? Wasted bandwidth by global visitors that have no point or reason being there. is localised to NZ traffic and NZ itself.

    ALTHOUGH I am totally against the idea of them being up entirely given their kamakaze way of doing things. What they want to do is fight CYFS and the Government, all they want is a fight. They love the fight, they love the attention!

    What they should do is get serious, do it the right way. Get recognised for actually doing shit instead of just hurling abuse and blackmailing members of the government of any party.

    They started out wrong, they will stay wrong.

    btw them being on that “independant dedicated server” offshore is entirely based on the country and relations with NZ and if the owners/managers/administrators of that server prefer having a higly controversial blog on their server.
    It should be interesting who they host with, given that the bulk of hosting is in the US, that would prefer not to host a site controversial to NZ politics given Helens trip there.
    And the costs for it to be outside of the US would be atronomical compared to hosting here and in the US.

    after a year of knowning how much it costs to run a real website, they’ll be broke unless they setup a donation scheme. Paypal isnt exactly big here in NZ or here at all, a bank account would only serve to give more information of the person/persons who run the website away and that only leaves a revenue stream that cant be used against them to identify them (cuz we know how much CYFSWATCH loves their identity hidden while they expost everyone elses or atelast try to expose everyone elses lol)

    Theres a good chance given they’ve attempted to host this on free blog systems, they have almost NO clue how to use the internet or computers, so probably a site like GoDaddy would be their first bet of finding a host and domain service in one. BUT theres a good chance they probably havent found the cheapest, $$$$$$ hahahahahahahahahaha

    This should be fun to watch.
    The only thing left is to decide if they’re gonna use WordPress as the blog system (yes, its a web application!! wow?) or are they gonna use a News/CMS/Forum kinda system.

    Don’t ya wish there was a free blog hosting service that would touch ya with a 10ft barge pole? 😀

  7. kiwi1960 said

    Listen you twerp!

    I used to be be a computer tech before having to retire due to M.S.

    I am the one hosting them, I am also provifing them with the software and the expertise to set it up.

    Eventualy, you little twerp, the format will change to an E-zine look and feel. For now, they are very happy with the script they are going to use.

    And as I am now the public face of CYFSWATCH, I’d just love it if the bastards came after me, hows it going to look when the headlines read “MSD takes MS sufferer to court”??

    But because I am now the public face of CYFSwatch, there will be a few changes. The first being a complaints policy, so we can deal with them inhouse. The second is that we now also have a legal team protecting the site, again, because CYFSwatch has a public face.

    Now, if you dont want to help, or support this blog, or the new CYFSwatch site, why visit?

    Have you sought counseling yet?????


  8. cyfswatch said


  9. Bryn said

    Good onya kiwi1960 it’s nice to know someone cares.

  10. John Fraser said

    T94xr sounds like the sort of tossiers your site comments on,Keep up the good fight, ps the bloggers from CYFS abusing you like T94xr shouldnt be using work computers and work time, as im paying this tossiers wages. Abuse this site in your own time ,bludger

  11. George said

    Give them heaps.
    Finally they CYFs)are being called to account

  12. John said


    I think its time for all real blooded men to unite and get all the Nazi feminist bush pigs like Sue Bradford…bet she hasnt wahed her privates in 20 years!, notice how all the ugly women are feminists!!!!!!!

  13. gaffa09 said

    Good on you guys for the great work you are carrying out
    To to have been dealt a blow by both this outfit as well as ACC.
    We have a sit which we post on which also covers some of your issues . and many others , Vidio links TV programs and a wealth of medical info not to say what corruption is going on in the ACC system.

    the link to ACC is you can register if you like

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