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Dr Cindy Kiro – A sychophantic coward.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 2, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Dr Cindy Kiro – A sychophantic coward.
Tuesday, 01.05.2007, 12:39am (GMT12)

We have just viewed the “debate” on Campbell Live 30/4/07 regarding the anti-smacking bill.

Cindy Kiro couldn’t win on the science, so she went all ad hominem, and attacked Dr Larzeleres personal character and principles of faith.

Cindy Kiro is pond scum pretending to be an advocate for children – and a sychophantic coward.

Maori should hang their heads in shame at having such a dimwitted ass as a representative of “higher education” in their midst.

Kiro is a national embarrassment and should resign.


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CYFSwatch move completed – site handed to “CYFSWATCH Collective”.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 22, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Tis done! The move took place between the hours of 2am and 6am last night.

CYFSwatch move completed – site handed to “CYFSWATCH Collective”.
Sunday, 22.04.2007, 06:19pm (GMT12)

And now I can reveal that I am no longer the host of CYFSwatch! It is being hosted by a group of people (The CYFSWATCH Collective) who believe in the cause of free speech and that CYFS needs to be accountable and investigated.

Labour, who claims to be working FOR families, is being two faced when they allow this Government department (CYFS) to run amok with no accountability and destroy the families they (Labour) claim to be helping.

That said, I’ve done my bit, yes, I am part of the hosting service that hosts CYFSwatch, but only so far as technical support and IT support for those it hosts, I am still a strong supporter of CYFSwatch, but really, I am sick and tired of giving newspaper and radio interviews only to have my words twisted by the scumbag Helen loving media out there.

Let someone else carry the torch for awhile, although, I know that anyone associated with the hosting of this site may now say “no comment” because of a few bad journos out there.

All media requests for info and comment to do with this site should be addressed to CYFSwatch at

I will however continue to work with those MPs that agree with our cause as well as running the CYFStalk website.

Long may CYFSwatch shame social workers and the Government.


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CYFSWATCH is being moved!! Downtime expected

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 22, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

 CYFSWATCH is being moved!! Downtime expected
Thursday, 19.04.2007, 03:24am (GMT12)

CYFSwatch is being moved for reasons I cannot yet divulge, but it does mean a little bit of downtime.

When the domain was purchased, it took only a few hours for it to propogate around the world. I’m expecting less time for the move to propogate as only the IP numbers will change.

But disruption will occur. When the site goes, don’t worry, the MSD goons won’t have won a victory. Once its back, nothing will have changed (apart from the IP which wont bother anyone as they won’t even notice.)

Once the site has moved and CYFSwatch signs off on it, then the site will be expanded somewhat so even more can be added. Exactly what will be added depends on what CYFSWATCH decides is best for him.

CYFStalk will also be on the move, and will get its own domain name.

A new site will will also appear offering people hosting services as well as CYFSwatch merchandise, such as tee shirts protesting the smacking ban bill and other things along this line.

This new site will be non profit. I wish to repeat that I have full confidence in CYFSWATCH and all he does and will always support him and host him for all eternity and a day! Only the server will change, not the host.


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CYFStalk Forums Is Here!

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 2, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

This is a forum JUST for parents and victims of CYFS. Its just what Helen Clark wanted.

CYFStalk Forums Is Here!
Monday, 02.04.2007, 01:53pm (GMT12)

While I will always continue to support this site because the need is there, I also saw another need. While this site does a good job in placing these issues fairly in front of the media, parents who were expecting more are missing out. So, I have launched a forum, for us to take the fight to a whole new level. I think of it as CYFSwatch 2!

CYFSwatch will always be the place for parents to come, its world famous now, having been part of a STUFF quiz, and even mentioned in Parliament. When this site was bought to the attention of Peter Hughes, he vowed to “do whatever it took” to close this site down, but he couldnt. GOOGLE and WORDPRESS both refused because I suspect they knew what CYFSwatch was, a way, the only way, for parents to be heard, and took the heat to keep it opened, however, when the infamous Claytons death threat was made, they had no option but to give in the NZ Government goons. It transpitred later that even the Police said no law had been broken. The MSD took it shot before this became common knowledge.

That’s when I took over hosting CYFSwatch. I thought it was unfair that the Government forced the closure of the site for THAT reason and denied the parents who had spoken out about the evil CYFS culture to be heard.

Helen Clark then said that these “malcontents” would have a better chance of Politicians sitting up and taking notice is they didn’t make personal comments about social workers or post personal details.

I agree, so CYFStalk will not contain any personal comments or details about social workers. But it’s important that the bad social workers be named, because to not do so would mean the good social workers are tarred with the same brush.

It also gives Helen Clark some information she will need to start an investigation.

For that reason, I will be inviting all MPs to come and visit CYFStalk and read the stories parents post about how they have been dealt to by CYFS.

Not only that, but CYFStalk will offer an advocates service, to advise parents on what to do, or not do, when dealing with CYFS. I am also pleased to announce that we have the FREE services of a lawyer, who cannot be named because he fears retalliation by CYFS. He will advise parents from a legal point of view.

The main aim, I suppose, is to offer a support system for parents, and a aplace to gather to talk about things, a safe place, a place where everyone knows what everyone else has been thtough, a place where we can plan protest action, no matter what the form that action will be, and sadly, while this site does what it does very well, it can never do that job, hence, CYFStalk takes us to the next level.

I see the CYFSwatch and CYFStalk sites working hand in hand, together, towards a common goal. Anyone that thinks the new site is competition for this site is sadly mistaken, and it also doesn’t mean I have lost faith in CYFSwatch.

It just means I saw a need that this site wasn’t filling. CYFSwatch is an awesome site, CYFStalk will also be an awesome site, together, both sites will be a winner.

FYI: While CYFSwatch continues to generate publicity for the cause, CYFStalk wont ever do that, it will be a behind the scenes player, offering support etc and will NEVER try to generate publicity… CYFStalk will be the more sedate partner in the cause.

visit the site here: or click the advertising banner on the right side of the CYFSwatch site.


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A huge potential victory for CYFSWATCH Site Host Kiwi1960.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 28, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Congratulations Kiwi1960!

A huge potential victory for CYFSWATCH Site Host Kiwi1960.
Tuesday, 27.03.2007, 09:11pm (GMT12)

Kiwi1960, “as seen on TV” (soon)

At approx 4:30pm today, I reveived a phone call from TV3. I listened to the guy for a few minutes while he gave me an idea of what they were wanting. After the radio interview today, when The Morning Report made me out to be some kind of moron, I very nearly said NO!

But I said, “excuse me, did you say Sixty Minutes”? and his answer was YES.

They want to do a story about my long battle with CYFS. I agreed and will now wait till tomorrow for the return call. You see, the M.S. I suffer from has taken its toll, I don’t look too good nor do I sound all that hot. But I still agreed to the TV3 segment and do not regret that one little bit.

When I hung up the phone, I sat there for a few minutes in silence, then the enormity of that call hit home, and I collapsed and cried.

After seventeen years fighting CYFS, with no one listening, not even politicians who are supposed to care becasue all they want is to score political points, they don’t really care about people, and after many years of trying to get the media to sit up and take notice… they have!

The point here is that if it were not for CYFSwatch then I’d still be fighting CYFS alone, no one would even know or care.

CYFSwatch, thankyou! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. I may not always agree with what you guys say, but I’ll damn well defend your right to say it.

You see, theres a little fact that no one but me knows, not even my doctor, not CYFSwatch and certainly not the media that have been buzzing around me like flies (or should that be vultures around a carcass?)

I don’t know how much longer I could have kept up the fight, because, I’m going blind. Sooner or later, I would have had to hang up my boxing gloves and call it a day, like so many others before me. The fact that I lasted so long is testament to the fact that I never give in, I never abandon the underdog, the downtrodden and I certainly dont abandon my friends.

Everyone that has a beef with CYFS for whatever reason is a friend of mine.

This sixty minutes segment may well be last best shot to secure justice not only for my family but everyone else on this site whom I class as my friend.

Thats why I broke down and cried. The timing was perfect, and would never have happened had I decided not to host the CYFSwatch site.

To the media that is twisting my words to suit their own sensationalist story mongering, shame on you! You are no better than the no hoper MPs we are always misled into voting for with promises of a better New Zealand, but they never deliver.

I will continue to host CYFSwatch for as long as there is a need for them to exist, and I fully intend to go ahead with my plans to establish RADIO CYFSwatch and a non profit “free speech” hosting site, but I may have to take a back seat to others who will run these ventures.

I will also restate that I am willing to go to prison rather than have them close CYFSwatch down, because there are many people counting on it for justice. If they want to close this site down, then the best way to do it is to have an independent body investigate the allegations made on this site.

And to “Claude Balls”, I’m going to call you a dickhead. You thought you were being smart by “outing” me but I outed myself when I decided to host CYFSwatch. I even invited the media to post my name and they already know where I live and also have my phone number. Its information, I suspect, the Police and CYFS also have, because, you see, I wasn’t hiding, I have always been here, always prepared to have my day in court.

Maybe thats why they backed off, maybe they dont want to pick a fight with me because they know I wont ever give up. So your posting my name (mispelled by you) and my address wasn’t anything not already known.

Thats why you are a dropkick loser.


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A summary of activity on the CYFSWATCH site.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 24, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Thnaks to Kiwi1960 for compiling this report:

A summary of activity on the CYFSWATCH site.
Saturday, 24.03.2007, 03:42pm (GMT12)

I am pleased to announce that the CYFSWATCH site has received 304522 visits for the month of March, and the month isn't even over yet.

The phenomenal success of this site restores my faith in the decision I made to host it, because the need for it remains constant.

Other stats tell me who comes to the site, well, not really WHO, but the kinds of people based on originating IP numbers. A little detective work tells me which branches of our society uses this site the most. For example:

The vast majority of you are ordinary people, while I respect you, I'm not really interested in knowing anymore about you because for the purposes of the stats I am keeping, you don’t really figure into the equation. That’s not to say you are not important, you are, you make CYFSWATCH the success it is, and you are a vital component in that, but... well, read on, it will all become clear shortly.

A good number of hits came from the media, which is always a good sign. It shows me that CYFSWATCH is a player in creating the news of the day. The media come to harvest opinions, quotes and maybe looking for another Clayton’s death threat.

Another class of visitor appears to be CYFS and the MSD, a case of them keeping a wary eye on us. or maybe they come to look to see who has made it to the "named and shamed" list, I'll bet this is a lottery for social workers, they probably dream about getting paid gardening leave for an indefinite period.

There even appears to be a few hits, well, more than a few actually, from Parliament. This too is a very good sign. Sue Bradford must be soiling her pants each time she decides to come and take a look at the site. Hello Sue, make plans for life after and MP, cos you’re going to be unemployed again, not even the list will save you!

And are we under Police Investigation? A few hits from the Police means we probably are, or at least, they are watching us. I'll support the boys and girls in blue and wont say anymore about their visits, except, whets up guys? No more porn sites for you to visit?

We are also getting hits from the USA, UK,
Canada and amazingly, a few from African nations. Google appears to really really want CYFSWATCH back, a few of their employees have even called in but hey guys, I'm the host now, your cave in to the Clark dictatorship is *my* gain. Sod off and live with it.

We have also had visits from search engine spiders, these "bots" will ensure that even more and more will come to visit the site over the next few months.

We are also, it seems, doing our bit against Bush's war on terror. The US Homeland Security even sent a "bot" over to check us out, although, tracking that back was next to impossible for me, but I did learn enough about that particular "bot" to determine who sent it. The question is, was the fight we had with the NZ Government to stay online the focus for them having sent the "bot" in the first place? Or was it the Claytons Death Threat?

While I have access to this information because I host the site, I want everyone to know that the information stays with me, I am the only one with access to it, and there is no way I would ever hand over individual IP's to anyone else. The data stays on the server, it is never ever actually stored on my computer, so don’t worry. Everyone’s "identity" is safe. It is merely used to collate data about the types of hits we are getting, which is why I don’t really care about the ordinary persons visit to this site, and while I care about MPs visiting the site, I won’t ever try to trace back an IP to see who it actually is. The success of this site means that such data needs to remain confidential, and it will. I have only ever acted for, and on behalf of, parents, and have their best interests at heart.

I cannot tell who has sent what to CYFSWATCH, so authors of the articles are safe as well; these are sent to CYFSWATCH who posts them. And yes, you would think I had access to who CYFSWATCH is because I can see their IP, wrong. I did see it once, but have since forgotten it. I made a promise to them to protect them from any repercussions of posting items on the CYFSWATCH site, I honour my promises, that particular IP is filtered out of any results I see so they are still unknown to me, that’s the way I want it.

If the number of hits continues to rise for each month the site is online, then I can imagine this site getting a million hits a month by the end of the year, and even that estimate may be on the low side. CYFSWATCH has changed the political landscape of
New Zealand, it opened a Pandora’s Box which the NZ Government tried, and failed, to close. It opened a floodgate of similar sites but none have been as successful as the original CYFSWATCH site, and the site now needs to evolve to stay ahead of the developments taking place sometimes on a daily basis.

I am considering expanding the CYFSWATCH site, to make it more interactive for visitors, offering more than one poll for example, a better feedback system, automatic harvesting and posting of news from other sites and much more. The site will only be down for a few minutes and no presently posted article or story will be lost, all data from the "old" site will be inserted into the new site without anyone having to lift a finger.

The new site will continue to do what it always has one very well in the past, keeping the heat firmly on CYFS and the NZ Government, only, more so in the future.


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CYFSWATCH: An update

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 23, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

CYFSWATCH: An update
Thursday, 22.03.2007, 01:10pm (GMT12)

The MSD are in “silent mode” over CYFSWATCH, as they have realised that they cannot shut the site down; a number of CYFS Social Workers are on “gardening leave” (some indefinite)after having been named on this site, which means that they cannot inflict any more damage on families and children. Some Social Workers have threatened to leave CYFS if the site could not be shut down – they will now have to follow through on their threats if they are to have any shred of integrity left. The MSM are embarrassed, because they were championing the shutting down of the site, and were spectacularly unsuccessful in their campaign: meanwhile, the profiles of 142 CYFS Social Workers (and counting) remain in full site for everyone to see. Time will do the rest.


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Do you know your local or list MP’s home address?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 23, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Do you know your local or list MP’s home address?
Thursday, 22.03.2007, 01:16pm (GMT12)

CYFSWATCH have had a request to post the home addresses of current MP’s in the house, on the CYFSWATCH site, in relation to constituents being able to contact their MPs (both electorate and list) directly, as opposed to through Parliament, over the anti-smacking Bill.

This request was most likely posted in response to the fact that we have Green MP Sue Bradfords home address at present.

We at CYFSWATCH believe that MP’s do indeed need to be accountable to their electorate and to the voters, so we would be happy to start a “MP’s Home Address Details” page, if you the readers would be happy to send this information into us?



Great idea.

I suggest you don’t list the good MP’s voting against Sue Bradfords bill. Just the Socialist thugs voting for it as below:

Labour 49 – all of them
National – Bennett P, Blue, Borrows, Hutchison, Rich
New Zealand First – Donnelly, Woolerton, Stewart

Green Party – all 6 of them
Maori Party  – all 4 of them
United Future – Dunne
Progressive – Anderton

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CYFSwatch “Missing In Action!”

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 17, 2007

CYFSwatch “missing in action”

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

CYFSwatch “Missing In Action!”
Saturday, 17.03.2007, 07:21pm (GMT12)

I regret to inform everyone that I have not heard from CYFSwatch for a few days now and am getting quite concerned. If I have not heard from them by Sunday midnight, I shall attempt to take over the running of this site till they reappear. If you want a story published, keep sending them to BUT also send a copy to me at so I can publish it if they dont show. I really hope they DO show up. CYFSwatch, CYFSwatch, wherefore art thou CYFSwatch…. “call home… all is forgiven!”


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The 2007 Netguide Awards are on: Vote for CYFSWATCH!

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 13, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

The 2007 Netguide Awards are on: Vote for CYFSWATCH!
Tuesday, 13.03.2007, 03:48pm (GMT12)

VOTE FOR CYFSWATCH.ORG by doing the following:

1) Register with Netguide here (takes ten seconds)

2) Login to Netguide here.

3) Go to the awards page here.

4) The very top category is Best Blog. Type or copy in

5) Click Submit Vote, immediately below the comments box for that category

5) Vote in any other category you so wish


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