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CYFS Hall of Shame

People WANT debate on CYFS, and that its better to NAME and SHAME the bad social workers rather than tarring all social workers with the same brush; such a ’tarring’ is not fair to the GOOD social workers who work at CYFS.

The MSD (Ministry of Social Development) should use the infornmation here to investigate the complaints.

The Minister (David Benson Pope), the Childrens Commissioner (Cindy Kiro), and the Associate Minister for CYFS (Ruth Dyson) cannot hide from these complaints anymore.

Opinions expressed by others are not neccessarily those of Watching CYFSWATCH New Zealand.


No doubt this list will be added to as more information comes to hand. 

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CYFS Hall of Shame # 144 & # 145: Social Worker Karen Harrison & Counsellor Helen Mounsey.
Wednesday, 28.03.2007, 07:36am (GMT12)

CYFS Hall of Shame # 143: Lorraine Armstrong (Otara).
Monday, 26.03.2007, 06:18pm

Letter from Michael Hickman to CYFS Social Worker Cathy Woods. Wednesday, 14.03.2007

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. CYFS Hall of Shame # 125: Jenny Payne. (11.03.2007)
. If only CYFS Minister Ruth Dyson had listened earlier….. (11.03.2007)
. The case of the made-up Police check, and mistaken identity. (10.03.2007)
. 6 state funded workers vs 1 parent: Result? Bloodbath. (10.03.2007)
. CYFS Masterton seems proud of being the worst of the worst. (10.03.2007)

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. Masterton CYFS is famous for other reasons too. (10.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 123 and # 124: Rob Teppett and Sharon Hutchins. (10.03.2007)
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. CYFS Hall of Shame # 121: Alison Hogan. (10.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 116 – # 120: Stephen Alder, Irene Eggleton, Janice Flynn, Judge Paul Whitehead, and Lawyer Rob Somerville. (10.03.2007)
. Family Court Judge and Clinical Psychologist “tag team” against a mother. (09.03.2007)
. “Well done CYFS”. (09.03.2007)
. Ruth Dyson and Cindy Kiro – equally vacuous and ineffective. (09.03.2007)
. Palmerston North CYFS drops the ball. (09.03.2007)
. CYFSWATCH Hall of Shame # 116: Trish Moore. (09.03.2007)

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. CYFS Hall of Shame # 114 and # 115: Peter Hughes and Ray Smith. (09.03.2007)
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. CYFS Hall of Shame # 107 – # 112: David Bane, Nova Salomen, Doug Fauchelle, Sharon Van Wyk, Florence Rawiri, and Andrew Little. (09.03.2007)
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. CYFSWATCH refuse to be bullied by NZ Government. (09.03.2007)
. Response to CYFS Hall of Shame # 81-#84. (09.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 104 – #106: CYFS Social Workers Akaiti Samuels, Janet Thompson, and Counsel for Child Vivian Ullrich. (09.03.2007)
. When is enough evidence not enough? When dealing with CYFS. (09.03.2007)
. Letter regards “Bruce Andrews: God’s Chosen?” post. (09.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 103: Bianca McElvey. (09.03.2007)

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. CYFS Social Worker Sandra Kersey strikes again. (09.03.2007)
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. CYFS Hall of Shame # 81 – # 84: Christine Winbush, Ana Haukedahl, Jared Matthews, and Marina Taituha (second post removed by Goo (09.03.2007)
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. CYFS Hall of Shame # 101 and # 102: Ruth Hartley and Ani Ormsby. (09.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 94 Jonathan Harris (The story that Google removed from the CYFSWATCH site). (09.03.2007)
. The CYFSWATCH Century: 100 CYFS Social Workers / Caregivers now “named and shamed”. (09.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 97 – #100: Chris Burke, Denise Cocks, Donna Hall, and Merv Layt. (09.03.2007)
. Questions to and answers from CYFS Social Worker Nick Findlay. (09.03.2007)

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. CYFS Hall of Shame # 96: Maggie Kazantzis. (09.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 95: Ainsley Mahoney. (08.03.2007)
. Is Tracy Quinn from Levin the CYFSWATCH “Pin-up” girl or what? (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 94: Jonathan Harris (Strike 2). (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame #88-#93: Losalia Lilo, Jonathon Pouli-Lefale, Lipi Lafaiki, Turu Iele-Tiumalu, Sharon Thom, & Nora Liutai (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 85 – #87: Mr Preston, Mr Rye, and Mr Stevenson. (08.03.2007)
. Author of CYFS Hall of Shame # 32-#34 discloses identity and invites feedback. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 81 – # 84: Christine Winbush, Ana Haukedahl, Jared Matthews, and Marina Taituha. (08.03.2007)
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. CYFS Hall of Shame # 79: CYFS Caregiver Maggie Anderson. (08.03.2007)

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. CYFS Hall of Shame # 76 and # 77: Mary Hustis and Barry Shepard. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 57 – #75 – Please see below. (08.03.2007)
. Tracy Quinn from Levin – Strike # 3 (aka “How to divide and conquer a family unit”). (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 56: Pip Stewart. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 54 and # 55: Vontia White and Kim Foley. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 49 – # 53: Peggy King / Karen Clarkin / Afina Piper, Principal Sharon Holloway, GSE Hannelie de Klerk. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 48: CYFS Social Worker Jenni Lee (and some anonymous school teacher who stepped WAY outside their brief). (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 43-47: Ruth Hartley, Ani Ormsby, Caregivers Trudi & Steve Karl, & Psychologist Kathy Orr. (08.03.2007)
. Boundaries blurred in Foster Home placement? (08.03.2007)
. Message to others who share our cause – copy the CYFSWATCH Site NOW in case we are shut down. (08.03.2007)

Other Articles:
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 41 and 42: Sandra Kersey and Lorraine Williams (report filed by a former DSW Employee). (08.03.2007)
. Underage sex just DANDY with CYFS Greymouth – ever heard of the Crimes Act? (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Social Worker Tracy Quinn from Levin – Again?? (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 38 – # 40: Rachel Kerr (Strike 2), Sharon Mollison, and Heather Pearce (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 37: CYFS Caregiver Judy Constable. (08.03.2007)
. Counsel for Child Mr Bruce Andrews – Gods Chosen? (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 35 and # 36: Denise Loveridge and Brenda Cliff. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 32 – #34: CYFS Minister Ruth Dyson, Social Worker Malama Fitkefu, and various CYFS-sanctioned “service (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 31: Ripa Koeo. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 30: Rachel Kerr (08.03.2007)

Other Articles:
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 23-# 29: Steve Pettifer Hall, Kay Christie, Jill Goscomb, Kim Bader, Sarah Lucas, Manju Verma, and Maureen (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 22: Tracy Quinn. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 21: CYFS Nikki Boreham. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 20: When getting sick can cost you your kids. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 19: Margurite Brown (Strike 2). (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 18 – Margurite Brown. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 17 – Captured By the State. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 16: CYFS Christchurch & Auckland. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 15: CYFS Greymouth. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 12, # 13 and # 14 – Lola and Hori Boughton, and Maureen Kay (nee McCann). (08.03.2007)

Other Articles:
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 10 and # 11: Karen Young and Mark Postow. (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 9: Mr ? Taylor (Takapuna). (08.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 8: Donna Travers. (07.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 5 and # 6 and # 7: Christina Macmahon, Sharon Norton, and Lorraine Hill. (07.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame # 2 and #3 and # 4: Lorraine Sheffield, Michelle Boyd and Susie Sligo. (07.03.2007)
. CYFS Hall of Shame Member # 1: Lynne Boyack (07.03.2007)

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4 Responses to “CYFS Hall of Shame”

  1. Andy Moore said

    hi, check out Kiwis want to keep Section 59. This website helps you to lobby the MPs regarding the Section 59 debate especially.’

    It also has regular updates on the Section 59 debate.

    Could we please have a link to this site on your website? thanks.

  2. I take it that you will add a couple of links to this site on yours eg,


    Watching CYFSWATCH NZ at

    Watching CYFSWATCH NZ Egroup at

  3. Steve said

    I personally have not had contact with C.Y.Fs, however I have been asked to act on behalf of people who have, and in every case I have found the department to be staffed
    incompetents, who have little or no compassion for the children that they are supposed
    be looking out for. One case in point: male child with issues regarding his sexuality, removed to his fathers (who is rabidly homophobic) care, even after the child himself stated to his councilors as well as care givers and even his court appointed lawyer that he had no wish to live with his father full time. Saron Bikner (Paeroa Office) and the boy ’ s father got together and had the child stay with the father for a prolonged period over Christmas, and never returned him to his court approved care givers. The under hand and cowardly way this was done is illustrated by the fact that the care givers, to this day, have NEVER had anything in writing or verbally with regard to the change of placement of the child. Nor have they had any form of thanks or acknowledgement for their exemplary care of this child. Cyfs even omitted to inform his court appointed lawyer and his school that a placement change was to occur! Not to inform the caregivers, the child ’ s lawyer or the school shows a disregard for CYFs own departmental procedures that is breathtaking in its total arrogance. The same social worker (Saron Bickner) then went on to make even bigger and better mistakes with the child ’ s placement. She was informed by the caregivers and others that the property the boy was to be living in was nothing more than two portacoms and an old shed, with no electricity or washing facilities and having a “ long drop ” toilet for sanitation!!! This was to be occupied by four preschool children, a pregnant woman and the father, and also the teenage boy under CYFs care!!! It now appears that the father took the social worker to the neighboring property and indicated that it was the family home. Had Ms Bickner done the necessary follow ups she would have found that she had been duped, but she did not and the situation was only remedied five months later when the local council ordered the family evicted because of the filthy and “ unsanitary ” conditions they were discovered living in. One wonders how it was that Ms Bickner was so duped, especially after she was informed by at least three people about the squalid hovel this child (and his half siblings) were to be condemned to live. Surely the warnings should have been enough to alert her that a more probing investigation was needed. Surely too, the fact that this parent thought it appropriate to inflict such third world slum conditions on his young children and a pregnant woman, then lie about it, would make one wonder that certain parenting abilities might possibly be lacking in this man, and placing a further (problem) child in his care might prove to be an added burden that such a family could not sustain??? One would think that such a placement could only make an already appalling situation infinitely worse!!A letter with regard to this situation was sent to Minister Ruth Dyson. What followed highlights how unsatisfactory the current CYFs investigation policy is. In her reply she stated the social worker concerned ( Ms Bickner) was totally satisfied with the living conditions of this family! In a subsequent letter to The Minister she was informed of the findings of the local council, and the fact that the accommodation had been found to be “ unsanitary ” and she was asked how many other families had been condemned to reside in squalid and filthy living conditions deemed acceptable by a member of her department. To this there was no reply, however, shortly after this letter Ms Bickner ceased to be employed by the Department. No acknowledgement of the wrong doing, incompetence or gross negligence disclosed in this sad situation has ever been acknowledged!! In this whole tragedy of errors Ms Bickner was aided and abetted in her arrogance, incompetence and negligence by her superior, one Elizabeth Matchett of the Paeroa Office of CYFs. She still holds her position with the Department, althought it appears she has now been “transfered”. Perhaps another one on “grass leave” to protect the innocent.
    Will continue to keep this scenario updated.

  4. Shar said

    Jill Dawson from the Paeroa office has put my little girls life and health in danger. This social worker is incompetant to say the least. These social workers also gave out my personal details to my ex partner whom i have a protection order against. Jill Dawson along with Saron Bickner and Elizabeth Mattich have also encouraged my ex to write to my little girl from jail knowing the protection order covers her as well. THis behaviour is absolutley disgusting. This little girl has been through hell since being taken into CYFS care. She is only seven years old. She has now been diagnosed with a nervous disorder and also loss of hair. This is to be knowen as Alopecia. They have put her threw hell. As with the above story this boy has just been dumped up in Auckland and been left. He has been attacked by his father and is now living with other people. This boys life is a mess. Saron Bicknor and Elezabeth Mattich had no worries what so ever about this boy. They gave him no councelling or any type of help what so ever>This boy is urgent need of a physicatrist as he has very serious issues to deal with. But once again CYFS have just dumped him and left him to fend for himself. Once again what are these social workers doing. They have no idea and know training with children what so ever. So what gived tem the right to come and uplift children abd place thwm in physical danger. If anything happens to my daughter or this boy i willpersonalyy hold them responsible. This is the rason thier are so many teen suicides.

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