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9 Responses to “About”

  1. Jules said

    So where is your address, phone number and full name?

  2. wayne patterson said

    My son is in cyfs care. He was placed in CYFS care about a year ago. He was placed in care due to CYFS feeling that I was unfit to raise him. His mother had custody of him when he was removed into care. As soon as he was in his mothers care CYFS started getting complaints, from her own sister, about her way of looking after him. Even though CYFS decided straight away that my x wife had “issues” concerning parenting, and were worried that she couldnt it was over a year until he was removed from her care. Although I had sole charge of my son for 6mths before his mother got custody it is not until recently CYFS had considered myself as a viable option for his care. Having listened to my x’s family for a year they have finally worked out that they are full of shit (sorry but its true) and do not have my sons best interests at heart.
    I have complained to the Prime Ministers office but my complaint was passed back down to the local manager, his response was my social workers dont lie. So that was that. I have been called argumentive by Cyps, I like to think passionate. But when all you know is to tell the truth and no one listens, how would you feel?
    My parents returned from Oz to get my son out of care and have been approved as carers by CYFS but now his social worker( sharon Mollison of Dunedin) has decided that he has grown quite attached to his carers so my parents might just have to wait to get him. It has been agreed at the last court hearing that he is to be returned into my care, how better to do it than have him live in the same town as me, not 100kms away. Somuch for CYFS saying that the family is most important. We no longer let my son take things back to where he lives,indeed he doesnt want to anyway, as he has told us that they get taken off him by his carers. His carer is a 60 plus lady who is frequently bed ridden and we wonder who looks after him when this happens. Ask CYFS and you get told that its arrangements with there carers is their business, not ours. Wrong, I am a legal guardian of my son and have a duty to be informed. But we all know CYFS will do as they wish no matter how many of their own acts, or indeed other laws they may break.
    Before I had to deal with CYFS I was like many people and thought they were doing a good job and people complaining were just dropkicks who got what they deserved. How my eyes have been opened. There is good and bad everywhere, even in CYFS. I have been helped by some, no one mentioned here or anywhere else I have seen and I would defend these people if I saw them here. But CYFS has got to be held accountable and I like many wait patiently for the day we can sue them. It wont make up for the harm they have caused my son but it will give him a good start in life.

    To anyone who has not had the pleasure of dealing with CYFS I pray that you naver have to. Maybe you should pray that you dont too.
    To anyone who has, if you want to speak my email is add me to MSN if you like. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who is there doing it with you. If it wasnt for the support of my friends and family, and the realisation that Im the only one who will fight for my sons right to be with his family, I think I would have long since given up. If you need a friend just call. Oh and devo stands for devoted dad

  3. David said

    I understand there are some 1500 front-line social workers under Ray’s mysoginist heel.

    But close scrutiny of the many compliants reveals there seem to be less than 80 social workers who are demonstrable animals.

    Thus it is fair to assert that nearly all current social workers are doing their best in the face of appalling circumstances. It is these folk we need to support while outing the 80.

    It is these fringe-dwelling, power-freaking 80 which must be exposed and excised.

    It is these 80 who are filling the FG with lies and trashing the lives of so many.

    It is this 80 whom we should all be going after…all meaning, Ray-The Mysoginst-predator, Dyson, Ciro, et al.

    Will thyey? Of course not. To do so they would have to actually admit that parts of their empire was out of control. Empire-builders don’t often admit such. They simply choose to try to squash negative comments.

    Rid us of the 80 and this site will die a natural and wonderful death.

    As regards Bradford, she’s nothing more than a publicity-seeking tub of lard being driven by way-smarter folk such as Mallard, Dyson and Clark.

    I mean! Who in their right mind, much less their wrong mind, would set themselves up for 10 years jail to remove a llea.

    And Ms Bradford is, most assuredly, little more than a flea on the behind of progress.

    Lastly, number 81 lives at 7 Prospect Terrace, Milford, Auckland. I won’t give his name. Can’t have the wee dear messing his pants, can we? Hint…He presumes great personal power at Waitakere CYF and is, arguably, one of the more moronic persons I have ever met.


  4. Jules
    Is it not a strange thing that government agiences like CYPS, WINZ and i even believe the Police allow you to ring and dob people in without giving
    address, phone number and full name etc.

    We have the same ploicy here.

    Is there any good reason you require my details?

  5. Dave said

    You may not be required to provide an address, phone number etc but surely good grammar is a must?

  6. Jay said

    Hi guys, need to contact yourselves re a New petition > cyfs.We need one of you to keep in contact with us so we can spring it on cyfs.
    It will stir cyfs up. We have a well liked “safe’ MP backing us. Will let you know more when you contact us.


  7. Jay said

    Hi Watchingcyfs.

    Could you post this for us. We would like feedback from visitors to this site/blog.
    then we will adopt final version. plus
    any additional ideas.

    Re Petition. I tried to find how to send you 1st draft copy of copy of petition
    calling for huge changes to cyfs & application etc.
    Now we have copy of redraft of it from Clerk Of the House.
    1st draft:
    That a full investigation/inquiry into changes to cyfs be done.
    That the body doing said inquirey, have broad powers to investigate all aspects
    of the Act cyfs works under. Looks at outstanding and ongoing complaints.
    Makes recommendations for changes.
    That Body has the powers to enforce said changes. This to be done in consultation with parents and Public.

    Secondly: A FULLTIME BODY be set up to
    deal with all complaints and problems with cyfs.
    This to have wide ranging powers, Authority to investigate all cyfs staff.(Both professional and private lives). As well as their conduct and practices.The said powers; have a wide
    scope to investigate cyfs and matters pertaining to. in complete entirety.
    Have powers to enforce changes needed to cyfs. Make cyfs accountable. Make
    cyfs answerable for any wrong -doings,
    powers to follow through.
    Therefore; any cyfs worker, who abuses
    their powers, abuses parents, care givers or familys, can be suitably punished. (no set time limitations, ie: even if incidents happened 20>30 yrs still accountable for their actions).

    The Govt dept presently known as cyfs
    must be fully accountable. any wrongdoings by said Dept, punishable.
    Justice must be seen to be done, for said dept to have any credibility and
    restore public faith in it.
    It is recommended that said Body by lead by a retired Judge.
    Further that majority of persons making up the body, not be members or ex members of cyfs
    A large input can come from them. Also any groups who monitor cyfs
    wrongdoings. If possible, groups such as PANIC, (who see the need for cyps, but not in its present state).
    Could put names forward, to fill places on said body, to give balance views.
    It is thought, smaller versions in
    bigger centres around nz.

    REPLY FROM : Office of Clerk (Parliament) Plus their changes to above draft.

    Reply;Thankyou for letter 24/4/07 asking for me to look at the wording of Kay Axford’s proposed petition and make any necessary changes to ensure the final wording complies with Standing Orders (Parliamentary practice).
    Please find attached a draft petition for Kay Axford’s consideration. I have suggested changes to the layout of the petition, to make it easier to read, and to the length of the prayer (request being made to the House,
    because the prayer only needs to be a brief snapshot of what the petitioner is asking the House to do. It does not need to include the reasons why the request is being made.

    Here it is:

    That the House
    establish a body, with broad powers to inquire into all aspects of the Children, Young Persons and their Families Service, and that this body, after consultation with parents and the public, have the power to make recommendations for change

    establish a full-time body, with wide ranging powers, to deal with any complaints made about the practices, procedures, actions or conduct of staff of Children, Young Persons and their Families Service and enforce any recommendations for change that were recommended by the inquiry body and later adopted by the Government.

    Thats it folks. Does 2nd draft have teeth? Any ideas welcome.

    Thanks: Kay Axford.

  8. sharlenem said

    I have had two children taken by cyfs and my boy who is 17 now wa dumped up in Auckland with his father and stepmother who have 6 children and were living in a portacom with no running water and no heating or toilet facilities. The social worker Saron Bickner and Elizabeth Mattich thought that the living accommodations were fine. The council found out that peope were livimg in this sqollow and evicted them as this was insanutary conditions. Ytet the socail workers thought they were fine. WHat is going on. They have left my son and just forgotton about him. He needs councelling and a physciatrist and et they have done nothing. He was beaten by his father adn a phone call was made to CYfs Paeroa office and still they did nothing. Now he has been kicked out of his dads and living with another family and yet Cyfs did not know this i had to tell them. They also have my little girl who is 7She was taken in September 22205. Since being in their care i have only had 4 visits with her and she is in a very bad state of health and wellbeing. Since being with them she has a developed a disoreder called Alopecia which causes her to lose her hair and in some cases she pulls it outnwhich has caused her to be quiet bald. She has also now develpoed a nervous reaction where she twitches all the time. When i rang the social worker in charge Jill Dwason of Paeroa she told me that she new abouth this but has not hd time to get a peadtrician. This little girl has never had problems like this befor e untill CYFS got involved. They also gave all my personal details to my ex which is my daughters father whom i have a protection order against since 2000 this order also covers my children. . Yet CYFS still prceeded to tell him my address and phone number. and have encouraged him to wite to my little girl from jail. This man is very wll knowen to the police and the criminal world. I received a letter from THE MINISTER OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT apologising for beaching my protection order by handing out my personal details. But what about my daughter. I cannto understand how CYFS are able to do this to children and allowed to get away with it. If anything happens to my two children i will personally hold them responsible.My little girl has not had anything to do with her siblings at all. This is disgusting. I ahve been trying to get contact but JILL DAWSON does not return my phone calls. These social workers dont have any traing what so ever with children, and yet they still go around tearing families apart an let these children get abused and just dumped any where and move on to the next. CYFS should be held accountable.

  9. sharlenem said

    I just got a phone call from my 17 yr old son last night telling me that his dad had punched him in the head and then kicked him in the ribs. My son and his mate were so frightened. His father kicked him out and he is now staying with friends. He went to the police and all the police did was give his father a verbal warning. And yet CYFS have done nothing about this they have just dumped my son and left him to fend for himself knowing that his father was violent and knowing that my son was scared of him. CYFS havent even contacted my son for all they now he could be dead, and yet they dont care. What is happening to thses poor kids. I thought CYFS were all abou thelping familys. So what they printed an all their pamphlets are all lies. Isnt it about time that we make a stand and all satnd together and fight and protest against this organisation at Parliment. Please email me at

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