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Iwi and CYFS link to gay sex club.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on June 6, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Iwi and CYFS link to gay sex club.
Sunday, 03.06.2007, 09:40pm (GMT12)

Iwi and CYFS link to gay sex club

5:00AM Sunday June 03, 2007

The Serious Fraud Office is investigating allegations that funds intended for Maori social services were invested in a South Auckland gay sex venue.

The inquiry follows the December sacking of Ngapuhi Iwi Social Services chief executive, Arapeta Hamilton, dismissed after a six-week independent financial audit of the Far North group’s financial accounts.

Kaikohe police decided the matter should be passed on to the SFO because the suspected fraud, alleged to have occurred between 2000 and 2005, exceeded their scope.

The Herald on Sunday has learned that aspects of the police and subsequent SFO probes relate to the private business interests of Hamilton, who had held office at NISS since the mid 90s. Sources close to the investigation which led to Hamilton’s dismissal have confirmed that the NISS accounts showed the Kawakawa man was the owner of the failed Southside Cruise Club, a sex venue in a Manukau City warehouse where gay men would pay $10 to have sex.

Math Enterprises, the owners of the Ash Rd premises, said they are owed $10,000 in rent and had enlisted a debt collector to chase Hamilton. The Whangarei District Court issued a judgment against Hamilton in March but he has not been found. Owner Barbara, who did not want her surname used, said Hamilton was upfront about his intentions to convert the large warehouse. “It was a night operation – he even painted over the skylights. We were told it was going to be a homosexual men’s club.

“The impression we got was that he was from a well-to-do family and we were told the club was funded with family money,” she said.

Documents leaked to the Herald on Sunday show how Whangarei private investigator Brian Nalder randomly retrieved 94 cheques issued by the social services organisation, funded mainly by Child, Youth and Family to carry out programmes for “at risk” Maori youth.

Nalder was paid more than $20,000 by Ngapuhi’s Runanga and NISS to see whether there was a case of financial misappropriation or illegal conduct.

The series of cheques, totalling $44,445.69, bore the sole signature of Hamilton and there were allegedly no invoices to support the payments. Some cheques were allegedly issued personally to Hamilton, others were cashed by the senior iwi staffer at the Kamo branch of Westpac Bank. Some were deposited into the account of Southside Limited, which was never incorporated by the Companies Office. The audit report noted a cheque for $3,208 to McQuinn Pumps – “Enquiries have established this cheque paid for repairs to a pump at the chief executive officer’s mother’s home.” .


Nalder said in his view, his investigation “revealed prima-facie evidence of very serious fraud involving NISS funds being used for inappropriate purposes”.

Runanga chairman Sonny Tau last week denied knowing specific details about the gay sex club but conceded that there were “serious problems” with the accounts from the period that Hamilton managed the social services arm of Ngapuhi. “All you should write is that there is an investigation, no need to put that other gay stuff in,” Tau advised. A source close to the iwi, the country’s largest, said Ngapuhi had tried to keep the details of the investigation secret. “This is a huge embarrassment… government money and gay sex, by crikey it’s bad,” the source said. Tau said there were “no problems” with how NISS delivered services on behalf of CYF.

Last week Hamilton said he had “nothing to say” about the cruise club.

Northland MP John Carter has welcomed the SFO investigation and suggested the Ministry of Social Development also launch its own inquiry. “Clearly there wasn’t enough monitoring from the Ministry,” said Carter, who intends grilling the Government in parliament when the house resumes in a fortnight.

In a statement, CYF said it commissioned an independent review of Ngapuhi’s financial performance in 2006. “While there were areas where remedial action was required around Ngapuhi’s governance, management and financial practises, Child, Youth and Family was satisfied that Ngapuhi had delivered and completed on time their contract obligations and that issues regarding its management had all been addressed.”

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Female assaults male; police threaten to contact CYFS and remove children if Mum arrested for assault.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Female assaults male; police threaten to contact CYFS and remove children if Mum arrested for assault.
Wednesday, 23.05.2007, 07:31am (GMT12)

Just watched Police 10 – 7


The scene was of a male clearly the victim of assault accusing his (Female) partner of committing the assault. Police approached her. She admitted it.


Now here is the twist. The male was told that if they proceeded  to arrest her CYF would have to be informed and would remove the children forthwith.


The man replied that he was their father, why could he not look after the children? He was informed that that was policy.


Remember this was on national TV


The last shot was of the male despondently walking away.

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NZ Bloggers support of Fiji Bloggers nothing more than an “orchestrated stunt in self-importance”.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

NZ Bloggers support of Fiji Bloggers nothing more than an “orchestrated stunt in self-importance”.
Monday, 21.05.2007, 06:53pm (GMT12)

NZ Bloggers support of Fiji Bloggers nothing more than an “orchestrated stunt in self-importance”.

The news that a group of NZ Bloggers have come out in support of Fiji Bloggers who are under huge suppression of speech pressure is little more than an “orchestrated stunt in self-importance” says the author of the CYFSWATCH website.

“Between January and March 2007, the offices of Crown Law, the Ministry of Social Development, & the Department of Child Youth & Family worked 24 hours, 7 days a week to shut down the CYFSWATCH site for publishing horrific NZ based stories of state sanctioned institutional abuse against New Zealand families and their children”.

“Where the likes of Just Left, Kiwiblog, No Right Turn, NZBC, Public Address, and Spanblather when this breathtaking display of socialist censorship was occurring? They, alongside a majority of the mainstream media, were calling for the CYFSWATCH site to be shut down, just as is occurring with various blogsites in Fiji”.

“The NZ Government tried and failed on two occasions to shut down CYFSWATCH, to no avail – a dedicated site is now at   – which is no thanks to our NZ Blogger critics”.

Perhaps the NZ Bloggers organisation needs to show some balls and backbone in their own country, before they start pretending to the NZ media how “brave” they are in supposedly supporting the rights of free speech in
Fiji”, says CYFSWATCH



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130 youth sex offenders – has CYF told police?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

130 youth sex offenders – has CYF told police?
Thursday, 24.05.2007, 07:59am (GMT12)

130 youth sex offenders – has CYF told police?

Anne Tolley MP
National Party Associate Welfare (CYF) Spokeswoman

08 May 2007

130 youth sex offenders – has CYF told police?

National’s Associate Welfare (CYF) spokeswoman, Anne Tolley wants to know if Child Youth and Family have told police about the 130 young sex offenders living in communities around New Zealand.

The number of youth sex offenders living in the community was revealed in Parliament today by Associate Social Development Minister Ruth Dyson.

“How can we be sure police in other regions are being alerted to similar situations?

“In the Napier case, a paid supervisor was supposed to maintain a constant watch on the young offender. This didn’t happen.

“Instead, he was able to leave the house at least 14 times, during which he prowled around a neighbouring property – home to a solo mother and a five year old girl.

“What on earth was CYF thinking when it housed this offender next door to a young child?

“At any stage did CYF workers actually check out the environment they were putting him in?

“The mother of this young girl has fled her home because she doesn’t feel safe and a child was put at risk because CYF didn’t get the basics right.

“Someone must be held accountable.

“CYF has admitted that the teenage offender did not receive adequate supervision, but that’s not enough.

“New Zealand parents need to know their children are safe in their own homes. They need to know that when an offender is ordered to be under constant supervision – that’s exactly what is happening.”


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Mother, daughter flee CYF sex offender.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Mother, daughter flee CYF sex offender.
Thursday, 24.05.2007, 07:45am (GMT12)

Mother, daughter flee CYF sex offender.

By BRUCE CUTLER – The Dominion Post | Thursday, 24 May 2007

The “bewildered and angry” mother of a five-year-old girl says they are being forced to flee their Napier home after a teen sex offender admitted stalking the child – and will now be moved to a property down the road.

Mataroa Barton, 18, convicted of sex crimes against young girls in 2005, was moved to Napier four months ago near the solo mother and her child. He jumped a fence into the woman’s backyard at least 14 times in the three weeks up to April 30.

The youth was under a court order at the time, requiring him to be under 24-hour supervision, but on one occasion he gave his three minders the slip and the mother caught him with his face pressed up to a playroom window at night smiling at her daughter.

Barton pleaded guilty in Napier District Court yesterday to breaching the terms of his supervision order by being on the woman’s property.

He received a 12-month suspended sentence.

But the mother is outraged that he has now been placed in a house less than two kilometres from hers.

She said she and her daughter would be forced from their home.

“I don’t like the idea that he will always know where we live. Basically I have been told (by police) it’s not a case of if he re-offends, but when. I’m bewildered and really angry.

“The court order in place before was for him not to leave the property and that didn’t stop him. He hasn’t even been given a punishment sentence basically.

“He’s somewhere in Napier with more caregivers being paid $3000 a week to look after him.

“I contacted CYF and basically they’re doing everything for him but what about the community. It’s just totally wrong.”

A probation service plan was accepted by the court yesterday for Barton to be moved to the new house, the address of which is suppressed, to help prepare him for release into the community in May 2008 upon completing his sentence.

A CYF spokeswoman said police had been told where Barton would be living.

When asked if neighbouring families in the area had been notified of the presence of the teenage sex offender she said “that matter is under consideration”.

Napier MP Chris Tremain said Barton had already shown he was a risk to young children.

The mother and her child – and the whole Napier community – deserved to feel safe.

“I’ve heard it’s within walking distance of this lady and that’s unacceptable. He’s got away from his supervisors before and there is an obligation to let people know that he’s there.

“Who do we care for most in the community? Is it the perpetrators or the victims of crime? There could be children in this street where he is to be moved to and they should know that this guy has a history.”

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Fiji picks up from where Helen Clark left off.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Fiji picks up from where Helen Clark left off.
Monday, 14.05.2007, 08:02pm (GMT12)

Claims Fiji military trying to close down blogs

By MICHAEL FIELD – Fairfax Media | Friday, 11 May 2007


Fiji military are said to be trying to block public access in the country to three high profile web blog-sites set up since December’s coup.

The sites, intelligensiya, resistfrankscoup and fijishamelist have often published detailed inside information on the senior figures in the military government.

Lately some have published colourful claims about the private lives of top officers.

Fiji Military head Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama overthrew the government in December and later declared himself prime minister.

In an email to readers, Intelligensiya this morning said they had “credible information” that the military was trying to pull the plug on access. Their soldiers were said o be at the Fiji International Telecommunications Ltd (FINTEL) office this morning.

The other blogs have also reported similar claims.

FINTEL is 51 per cent Fiji Government owned with Cable and Wireless of Britain holding the rest of the shares. It is the sole Internet provider into Fiji for the public although the regional University of the South Pacific has its own alternative connections.

The military had no comment on the claims today but yesterday Colonel Pita Driti, the number three officer, said they were working on tracking down the blog authors.

He told the Fiji Times they were spreading “lies against us and members of the interim regime”.

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Anti-smacking Petition forms to download and sign.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Anti-smacking Petition forms to download and sign.
Monday, 14.05.2007, 07:53pm (GMT12)’t%20Accept%20Bill%20Herald.pdf

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“Most Extreme Anti-Smacking Law in World” – Expert.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

“Most Extreme Anti-Smacking Law in World” – Expert.
Monday, 14.05.2007, 02:24pm (GMT12)

“Most Extreme Anti-Smacking Law in World” – Expert

13 MAY 2007

MP’s to Vote on “Most Extreme Anti-Smacking Law in World” – Expert

Politicians will vote this week on the world’s most extreme anti-smacking law in the world, according to Dr Robert E Larzelere, Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Science at the Oklahoma State University, who was brought to New Zealand by Family First NZ as a scientific expert on child correction for the debate on Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking bill.

In a commentary written after his week in NZ earlier this month speaking with politicians and media, he says “.the imminent New Zealand smacking ban is more extreme than Sweden’s ban in three ways. Using force to correct children will be subject to full criminal penalties .

Sweden’s ban had no criminal penalty. In addition, New Zealand’s bill bans the mildest use of force to correct children, not just smacking. This removes most disciplinary enforcements parents have used for generations, especially for the most defiant youngsters. Finally, the required change in disciplinary enforcements will be the biggest change ever imposed on parents.”

Dr Larzelere also highlights concerns of immigrants to NZ with the law and says “The New Zealand bill’s proponents claim that missionaries were responsible for introducing smacking and bashing to the Maori and other South Pacific peoples. The irony is that they are doing the same thing they accuse missionaries of – imposing a European philosophy of child correction on native ethnic groups – this time enforced with criminal penalties.”

He warns that the law to be voted on this Wednesday by Parliament “.runs counter to scientific evidence, previous experiences with similar bans, and the wisdom of previous generations as far back as we can remember. It illustrates the world’s increasing inability to work out well-reasoned balanced positions rather than forcing people to choose between polarized extremes.”

Dr Larzelere compares our politicians’ efforts to ban smacking with US President George W Bush’s decision to invade Iraq and says Bush “.had an overly optimistic view about invading Iraq because they heard only one optimistic side of the scenarios. Now our country is in a quagmire with no good way out. For the sake of New Zealand’s children and future, I hope they have a better exit strategy than George Bush.”

Dr Larzelere’s full warning can be read at  


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Turner to oppose Bradford Bill.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Turner to oppose Bradford Bill.
Monday, 14.05.2007, 02:19pm (GMT12)

Turner to oppose Bradford Bill

Monday, 14 May 2007

Turner to oppose Bradford Bill

United Future MP Judy Turner today announced she will be voting against the third and final reading of Green MP Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking Bill when it next comes up for debate in Parliament.

“I do believe that the amendment passed last week to clarify the police discretion to not prosecute when it is not in the public interest to do so, was a definite improvement,” says Mrs Turner.

“However, this provision does not apply to Child Youth and Family Services who, like the police, have statutory powers and can remove your children, limit your access, and eventually in the interests of permanency, place them with a new family.

“Some would say that it is pure hysteria to suggest that parents will lose their children into care if they lightly smack their children.

“Well I hope they are right. CYFS certainly don’t have to meet the same burden of proof as the police do to make an arrest, so discretion is even harder to determine.

“Currently this agency has no robust complaints service and because this is lacking there is little feedback across the department about the need to change social work procedures.

“They do acknowledge that most complaints are about social work provision, but there is no break-down of this to identify if there are any common themes in these complaints.

“Parents I have dealt with fear making a complaint in case they further jeopardise their case. They feel powerless and understandably emotional, often lacking the skills needed to make calm representation to staff at the local branch office.

“To date, not enough has changed in this department to reassure me that good parents are safe, and for this reason… I am not supporting the third reading of this Bill.


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CYF squanders thousands on empty office space.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

CYF squanders thousands on empty office space.
Monday, 14.05.2007, 02:17pm (GMT12)

CYF squanders thousands on empty office space

Katherine Rich
National Party MP

14 May 2007

CYF squanders thousands on empty office space

The Minister for Child, Youth and Family needs to explain why her Government is wasting scarce resources leasing a whole floor of vacant offices in Dunedin’s Philip Laing House, says National MP Katherine Rich. “Monthly lease payments for the empty offices are estimated to be $11,000 per month and there is still no confirmed date for the space to be used.

“CYF has been leasing these since November last year – that’s an estimated $70,000 that could have been much better spent. “Our local Child, Youth and Family team works hard to provide services for our children in need. What’s needed is support for Dunedin’s social workers at the front line, not money wasted on flash offices that no one’s using.

“Ruth Dyson needs to front up with an explanation of how this squandering of taxpayers money is addressing our nation’s appalling child abuse record and resource issues here in Dunedin.”


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