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Mother, daughter flee CYF sex offender.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

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Mother, daughter flee CYF sex offender.
Thursday, 24.05.2007, 07:45am (GMT12)

Mother, daughter flee CYF sex offender.

By BRUCE CUTLER – The Dominion Post | Thursday, 24 May 2007

The “bewildered and angry” mother of a five-year-old girl says they are being forced to flee their Napier home after a teen sex offender admitted stalking the child – and will now be moved to a property down the road.

Mataroa Barton, 18, convicted of sex crimes against young girls in 2005, was moved to Napier four months ago near the solo mother and her child. He jumped a fence into the woman’s backyard at least 14 times in the three weeks up to April 30.

The youth was under a court order at the time, requiring him to be under 24-hour supervision, but on one occasion he gave his three minders the slip and the mother caught him with his face pressed up to a playroom window at night smiling at her daughter.

Barton pleaded guilty in Napier District Court yesterday to breaching the terms of his supervision order by being on the woman’s property.

He received a 12-month suspended sentence.

But the mother is outraged that he has now been placed in a house less than two kilometres from hers.

She said she and her daughter would be forced from their home.

“I don’t like the idea that he will always know where we live. Basically I have been told (by police) it’s not a case of if he re-offends, but when. I’m bewildered and really angry.

“The court order in place before was for him not to leave the property and that didn’t stop him. He hasn’t even been given a punishment sentence basically.

“He’s somewhere in Napier with more caregivers being paid $3000 a week to look after him.

“I contacted CYF and basically they’re doing everything for him but what about the community. It’s just totally wrong.”

A probation service plan was accepted by the court yesterday for Barton to be moved to the new house, the address of which is suppressed, to help prepare him for release into the community in May 2008 upon completing his sentence.

A CYF spokeswoman said police had been told where Barton would be living.

When asked if neighbouring families in the area had been notified of the presence of the teenage sex offender she said “that matter is under consideration”.

Napier MP Chris Tremain said Barton had already shown he was a risk to young children.

The mother and her child – and the whole Napier community – deserved to feel safe.

“I’ve heard it’s within walking distance of this lady and that’s unacceptable. He’s got away from his supervisors before and there is an obligation to let people know that he’s there.

“Who do we care for most in the community? Is it the perpetrators or the victims of crime? There could be children in this street where he is to be moved to and they should know that this guy has a history.”

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