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Female assaults male; police threaten to contact CYFS and remove children if Mum arrested for assault.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

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Female assaults male; police threaten to contact CYFS and remove children if Mum arrested for assault.
Wednesday, 23.05.2007, 07:31am (GMT12)

Just watched Police 10 – 7


The scene was of a male clearly the victim of assault accusing his (Female) partner of committing the assault. Police approached her. She admitted it.


Now here is the twist. The male was told that if they proceeded  to arrest her CYF would have to be informed and would remove the children forthwith.


The man replied that he was their father, why could he not look after the children? He was informed that that was policy.


Remember this was on national TV


The last shot was of the male despondently walking away.

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4 Responses to “Female assaults male; police threaten to contact CYFS and remove children if Mum arrested for assault.”

  1. president george w. bush said

    time to send in the marines and give father’s back their kid’s i say, those kiwi copper’s are nancy boys…

  2. Viv Roberts said

    Can anyone get a copy so we can all see it??

  3. Buzz said

    That Sucks!
    Cyfs make up rules for everyone except themselves. Their rules when it applys to them, they totally ignore.

  4. Mellissa W. said

    Does sound like a double standard, usually if it was the other way round the mother would get the kids. Question is does the father usually reside with the children, is he one of the major care givers? Does he has a place for the children. Alot of factors could contribute to cyfs intervening. But if it is just policy, then its a double standard. The situation should have been accessed immediately and if the father could provide and care for the children, then they should at least be temporarily given to the father, until it could be sorted out on a more permanent basis. The mother should not have the children, until she can prove that she can look after them – anger management etc. But if the father is not abusive then maybe he should be looking after them. But if he’s a pratt – then god help those poor kids.

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