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130 youth sex offenders – has CYF told police?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 26, 2007

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130 youth sex offenders – has CYF told police?
Thursday, 24.05.2007, 07:59am (GMT12)

130 youth sex offenders – has CYF told police?

Anne Tolley MP
National Party Associate Welfare (CYF) Spokeswoman

08 May 2007

130 youth sex offenders – has CYF told police?

National’s Associate Welfare (CYF) spokeswoman, Anne Tolley wants to know if Child Youth and Family have told police about the 130 young sex offenders living in communities around New Zealand.

The number of youth sex offenders living in the community was revealed in Parliament today by Associate Social Development Minister Ruth Dyson.

“How can we be sure police in other regions are being alerted to similar situations?

“In the Napier case, a paid supervisor was supposed to maintain a constant watch on the young offender. This didn’t happen.

“Instead, he was able to leave the house at least 14 times, during which he prowled around a neighbouring property – home to a solo mother and a five year old girl.

“What on earth was CYF thinking when it housed this offender next door to a young child?

“At any stage did CYF workers actually check out the environment they were putting him in?

“The mother of this young girl has fled her home because she doesn’t feel safe and a child was put at risk because CYF didn’t get the basics right.

“Someone must be held accountable.

“CYF has admitted that the teenage offender did not receive adequate supervision, but that’s not enough.

“New Zealand parents need to know their children are safe in their own homes. They need to know that when an offender is ordered to be under constant supervision – that’s exactly what is happening.”


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