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NZ Judiical system sows doubt into the public arena.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 17, 2007

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NZ Judiical system sows doubt into the public arena.
Monday, 14.05.2007, 08:01pm (GMT12)

David Bain’s Legacy To Parents…

First, it was Arthur Allan Thomas, and now, David Bain is free because of a faulty system. The Privy Council decision goes much deeper than just the Bain case, as did the Thomas pardon decades ago.


Whether by design (corruption) or flaws in the system, this decision means that other cases such as the Peter Ellis case needs to be urgently reviewed, but NOT by this Justice system. Ellis has, like Bain, always maintained his innocence, even though he is now free.


But, if the flaws exist with the Police and the Criminal Courts, then is not logical to assume that they also exist with CYFS and the Family Court?


If there are corrupt Police officers giving the Police a bad name because of their conduct, then why too not social workers? If some Police officers are twisting the law to get a conviction, then why not social workers too?


The O.S.H. case against the Berrymans is another issue that will now need to be looked at, before the election, as leader of the opposition, Helen Clark was heard on TV saying “this is not right” when looking at the bridge which collapsed, killing a beekeeper.


After the election, she didn’t want to help them anymore, and now, thinks $200,000 is plenty of compensation even though they lost their million dollar farm to pay legal bills.


The entire system is corrupt, and is this way because people like Helen Clark protect the system they should be making more transparent and more accountable.



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One Response to “NZ Judiical system sows doubt into the public arena.”

  1. Buzz said

    Family court should be put on trial.
    Lawyers for cyfs, Lawyers for child and cyfs themselves are bloody crims.
    Babynapping mobsters.

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