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Memo to Sue Bradford – your bill won’t stop abuse.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 17, 2007

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Memo to Sue Bradford – your bill won’t stop abuse.
Monday, 14.05.2007, 08:00pm (GMT12)

Just saw the whore on TV, looking at the photo’s of that little boy killed my his parents….


She is making out this is why her bill is important…


HEY SUE…. they were found GUILTY…. and your stupid bill isn’t law yet… so what’s the problem????


this proves there’s no need for your bill, so DROP IT!!!


and that Judge should resign, he released the photo’s to help Bradford’s bill pass and to sway public opinion.


Its against the rules for Judges to get involved in a political debate like this, so, he should go.



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5 Responses to “Memo to Sue Bradford – your bill won’t stop abuse.”

  1. Jay said

    Yeah I totally agree. Wow, it was a bit over the top. Judges should just go and fall off the face
    of the earth
    who are they to get involved, never fuckin listen to the
    parents away; only
    care about what zipslips have to say and fucked up shrinks
    . Wankers.
    Bradford should go join the fuckinmg judges. bitch.
    Hey Sue, dont need you, dont need your bill.
    Go to hell

  2. Mellissa W. said

    Just finished reading this article, never been to this website before, interesting reads. I did however see that as well. Couldn’t believe it either.

    But I do agree that it had nothing to do with her bill. But I don’t believe in beating your kids, just because they are yours, they are not you’re property. Maybe a little smack, but alot of parents and caregivers go overboard. And then they blame it on alchol, drugs or some other lame excuse “My mum or dad or nan did it to me!” Take responsibility for your actions is what we should be showing our children. If you take it too far, you should be punished by law. But in saying that a light smack to a very young child, could be okay, if it was to prevent danager etc. But i’ve heard of kids been beaten up for no reason that was the kids fault. Outside factors come in, i.e. job, family, partners, the dog, car, neighbours. These wankers that abuse their kids by physical, phycholology, and emotional means, should be brought to justice. If it was done to a dog, that person would ususallly lose that dog, pay a fine, (or imprisionment) and not be allowed to on an animal again (or least have restrictions). Maybe it should be the same for children, Or is animals more important???? I think the problem with parents today is that they consider kids to be their property and they can do what ever the f*** they want to. People like that should and deserve to loose their kids either temporarily or permanently (depending on the situation) and frankly if its for sexual abuse, then it should be permanently and if the offender goes on to have more kids in their care, then those children should be removed aswell. Kids have the right to be protected. Sure cyfs are sometimes wrong, but surely they can’t be wrong all of the time?

  3. jay said

    I have no idea who this other Jay is?
    I use a small j. A poor imitation of copycat. Get your own moniker dickhead.

    As too second comment, starts off good,
    then goes anti parents. Parents think kids are property? Never heard that one in NZ before. Overseas sure, never NZ.
    As to cyfs getting it wrong.
    How about huge number of needless uplifts. Nearly half, each year according to cyfs own stats.
    Either you had a bad childhood, work for cyfs or both.

  4. Mellissa W. said

    Are you saying that its okay to beat kids up? Just because parents/caregivers don’t say it doesn’t mean they don’t believe that children are their property. and why is it you asumme that everyone who doesn’t share your opinion works for cyfs or has had a bad childhood. Don’t you read the news, its the ones that are supposed to be protecting their kids that are majority of the time abusing their kids. Get a grip Jay!!!!! I would rather have a kid in care then in a horror house hold. PROTECT NZ KIDS, even from those who should love and protect them the most

  5. Jay Also BITE ME said

    Watch who you call a dickhead mate. And I can call me self what ever the fuck I want. Who died and made you king? If I want to be Jay, I will be Jay, so why dont you just fade away into the back ground mate. Any who A couple of comments before this one on a different topic – i think yours, which sucked major, You are such a idiot, ever read up on permantency? All parties have to agree and be happy with it. Numb Nuts. Man, if you weren’t so stupid, I’d laugh, oh yeah, that right, some comments said you are KFC Member, Laugh out Loud, cause you sound like a real piece of work, maybe it might be true, if not still good for a laugh.

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