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Former CYFSWATCH Host blocked from site.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 17, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Former CYFSWATCH Host blocked from site.
Monday, 14.05.2007, 09:06pm (GMT12)



Former CYFSwatch host kiwi1960 has found himself blocked from the site! “Gee, is this censorship or what?” he said, “I think this confirms what sort of democracy we live in”.  The other members of the CYFSWATCH GROUP still has access to the site, the only one affected seems to be the lone former host.


“I have four computers here, none could access the site, so its not malware, spyware or a virus, I reset the router, and still no joy. I then logged onto a proxy site and was able to access the CYFSWATCH site that way, so something is up!” he said. “I then contacted my ISP who couldn’t help and nor could XTRA. There is no reason why I cannot access the site, but given that our ‘dear leader’ controls the S.I.S. then anything is possible.”


This is also not the first time CYFS, MSD and Peter Hughes have resorted to their Department of Dirty Tricks (DDT) to silence me. They really do think I am CYFSwatch, but I’m not. It started when a social worker released part of my CYFS file to a reporter, and then when I had homosexual men arrive at my door from an online dating service, it seems someone has been pretending to be me. I’m not gay, and am not really offended by such things, so the only person they hurt was the ones turning up at my door, talk about being embarrassed!”


He went on to say “The sad thing about this is that I am not CYFSwatch!”


Is this where we are headed? A dictatorship survives by silencing its critics, and in recent times kiwi1960 has been very vocal about the actions of the Government. The bigger question is, is this a sign of the times? Will we get this more often now that its happened once? Are our freedoms slowly being eroded to protect the image of a corrupt Government and system?


Lets wait and see! I wonder if our “dear leader” will deny she had anything to do with this?

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