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Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 14, 2007

Jay writes

Hi watchingcyfs,
Could you post this for me please.


What a load. I read What Hughes said.
Who can afford to take claims to High Court. Cyfs are backing ratbags who are causing the horrors.
This happened to Aborigines in 50’s & 60’s. Aussises got hammered over this.

Your new shit for brains review! Same dipsticks who cocked up this Cyfs Act
20 yrs of horror latter your dept asks these bozos to look at it again, and say you will look at changes, but not likely to change anything. You are full of it. How bloody dumb do you think we are? As stupid as you lot?

Did you bother to ask parents what changes are needed? Nah, you go and ask the twits who screwed it up in the first place. Dyson gets a scwiz then the unwashed etc have their say.

We should take you to Fair Go.

WHAT WAS CYFS ANSWER… Folks: it is all being put on the Net in sites like this. The TERM IS: CYFS HORROR STORIES.

Cyfs may guess who wrote this, I do not give a stuff, Screw them!




  1. snapper said

    Good on you and very well said. I wholeheartedly concur with everything you say. May they be cursed for evermore! no compassion, no humanity just cruelty and deceit and abuse is what they dish up. I would wish for no more than they receive the same treatment they served up to us.

  2. Wayne Fergusson said

    Your have my vote Jay,

    The worse criminals use intelligent cunning, deceitful and disgraceful conduct they appease and protect each another.

    A cowardly disregard of their genuine responsibility to serve the public of New Zealand with moral decency.

    It is our Democratic responsibility to demand accountablity and integrity of those in authority.

  3. Jay said

    I’m so sorry for the commentary I have just written about historic claims, where was my head… That’s right in florida, with bradford, and bubbles, hell even michael jackson, Hmmmm….I’m bad. Billie jean is my lover, not micheals. I said cyfs should be locked up, but its me that should be locked up, hell I had fun the last time I was. All those sweaty blokes in the shower. No KY thou, just soap. Can’t remember if it was in florida or kiwiville, all the stories are so hard to keep straight…… Sorry just went tinkles, thank god for “Depends”, hope the govt doesn’t tax that!!! I suffer from verbal diarrohea, and I will go see a doctor tomorrow, see if they have a cure, but last time, they told me I just needed to stop making up shit, but you know what they said back in the day, “Old habits die hard”. Don’t trust me, trust “Depends”, ooohhh and Vigrara. Heeeee He ow….I’m bad! If they made a movie about me, it would be a fictional story as I can’t even remember who I really am, only the shit I tell my self. Who needs a Cyfs horror story, when I’m a real life horror story, with my own victims. I’ve got to come clean some stage…..

  4. Micheal Jackson said

    Heee He owwwwww. Thanks for last night jay, Next time, I’ll bring the KY. Oh, Bubbles thanks you for the bannana.

  5. Bubbles said

    Heeee Heee Heeeeeeee OOOOOHHHHHHH OHHHHOOHHHOOHHHH…..oh yeah.

  6. Love is in the air said

    Can I join next time.

  7. Sensible parenting said

    Sounds like “Jay” has a serious chip on his or her shoulder, maybe you should go and see a shrink and get some therapy, having too much anager can cause heart aches!!!!
    Either that or just grow up and get over it.

  8. ParentsAgainstViolence said

    Same old waffle “Jay”, do you really think people give a shit about what you have to say? All I hear from you is Cyfs this, Cyfs that, and Bradford…. Get a real job or a hobby. Man, your really irratitating to the point where is the next cliff…

  9. SAFE NZ said

    In reply to “Snapper”, do you know jays past? Can’t say he showed much humanity or compassion, but he sure showed heaps of deciet and abuse. KFC Member…. or so I heard. Yuck.

  10. SAFE NZ said

    (ABOUT JAY) If it is true and he’s a member of KFC then maybe he should keep all his comments to himself. Because if he done, what I heard what he did, then who would want advice from a sick fuck like him. Man its just nasty. And you sound like you want to be his best friend. Cyfs aren’t always the monster, sometimes the monsters look kinda human. They (KFC Members) should all be put on an island and left to rot.

  11. Lisa said

    Wow, some interesting stuff on this website.

  12. Mellissa W. said

    Oh man, what a hoot. Some of these comments are obviously just for a laugh – a giggle (the middle ones) sounds like some bored people taking the crap out of some one – pity the poor bugga. But if the end ones have some truth – gross. What kinda website is this?

  13. Fred Wynne said

    The jay who wrote the post is not the same person who put in a comment above under the name Jay. looks like this site must be getting to cyfs, for them to write a lot of dribble in the comments, even to extent of using the acronym.
    Then similar comments under different names.
    Your lack of spelling is a dead give- a- way. Using names of groups to write comments under as well. Very naughty.
    Casting aspersions on Jay. Jay is an
    acronym for a large anonymous group. First letter J, is for Justice.
    They put stories and comments in other sites, as well as in their own sites
    often on behalf of others.
    It appears they also get inside information from cyfs staff and ex-cyfs
    workers who want changes to cyfs.

  14. JAY 2 said

    Interesting how cyfs gets blamed every time. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Man its so pathethic dont you think. I dont give a shit about cyfs or Jay. Actually I think your wrong about Jay being a group, because of lots of comments posted on this website. They sound like a four year old wrote them, (Whats where I got the information I dribbled in my earlier post). What adult refers to someone else as a “Silly moo”. Please, your killing me. I was starting to wonder if this website was serious because of their comments. Ha Ha Ha… what a laugh. Theres no sense of structure and there is a lot of anger towards… hell nearly everyone. I dont know Jay and frankly wouldnt want to, but if you want to hold him up as a hero go for it, fool on you. Dont worry I wont be upsetting your precious jay again by trying to copy them, hes getting boring.

    Oh, and secondly I aint responsible for all the comments on this post mate…only for 3,4,5 and 6. Dont know those other two, but clap, clap to them. Yay not for Jay. I dont know anything about the KFC part… what a hoot. not me.

    Oh, if “J” whats the AY stand for? Bubbles says goodbye.

  15. JAY 2 said


    Read the post again it says and I quote “what a load. I read what Huges said” if its a group, why put “I” why not “We”. Please who are you trying to kid with this group crap. Just one loser posta.

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