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Wolves and Sheep.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 11, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Wolves and Sheep.
Tuesday, 08.05.2007, 08:31pm (GMT12)

Re: News-n-Debate > NZ – CYFS Social Workers being provided specialist counselling and Police protection for being named on CYFSWATCH.

From: Benjamin Easton


I don’t think we have wolves and pigs. We have wolves and sheep.


Yet I also figure that the sheep aren’t as black as they are being made out and the wolves that are wearing the skins of sheep should lose the pretence and stand up before the pack and say what you are doing to the national flock is unacceptable.


Once a few more wolves (dogs) have the guts to do that then there won’t be any sheep left; and nor will there be wolves.


The analogy is about the use and abuse of power and when we are talking about our sons and daughters as being the ultimate sacrifice – who needs it?


Let’s stop play with these phrases of power. Let’s stop playing divide and rule games. Let’s get on with the business of standing collectively before the abuse of an administration and say “you will stop abusing our son’s and daughters with your improper interventions”. “And you will fix from the damage you have caused”.


I agree with Jim that CYFSWATCH has done a good job, should be proud and should keep up the good work: Until individuals like Mr.Hughes stops hiding behind power, and his employees (rights and demands) necessities to be protected, and start to answer some of the very difficult questions that can/Shall/will be posed to him.


Benjamin Easton.

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One Response to “Wolves and Sheep.”

  1. Jay said

    Well, Cyfs are running an’InhouseReview.’
    It will be like the Judge Brown Report:
    Buried after a lot of spoken hot air by cyfs.
    Parents are not even getting a say until public do. Parents, to cyfs, are not part of a family, nor to be trusted.

    Kay Axford is finalizing a Petition, copies of 1st & 2nd draft (last one Put together from 1st one; by Clerk of The House. (Parliament). Drafts in this blog/site & Graeme Axford’s Page.
    Kay would like your imput as we all only have one chance to get it right.
    The petition is for changes to cyfs (ongoing) and complaints etc all done by independent Body.

    Hope to have it all finalized soon.
    Lets take the war they started, to them
    in spades!

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