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MSD establishes CYF Complaints Unit for those abused or maltreated in care.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 11, 2007

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MSD establishes CYF Complaints Unit for those abused or maltreated in care.
Wednesday, 09.05.2007, 02:39pm (GMT12)

Historic claimants – Ministry will do right

9 May 2007

Ministry will do the right thing in respect of historic claimants

The Ministry of Social Development is committed to working through historic claims of abuse or maltreatment. “I will ensure that each and every one of the individuals involved is treated with dignity and respect. They will be listened to,” said Ministry Chief Executive Peter Hughes.

The Ministry has established an investigative unit separate from Child, Youth and Family to examine each claim and the past care system. So far 155 claims have been lodged as civil cases with the courts alleging abuse and inadequate care over the past 66 years.

“I give a personal commitment that the Ministry will own its mistakes. We will do our very best to act in the interests of these claimants and do whatever we can to put things right,” said Peter Hughes.

“It is also important to recognise that the claims seek significant amounts of taxpayer money and the public expect that any compensation that is paid is done so on the basis of good evidence that supports the claim.

“Some of these allegations are against people with long careers in social work, who have made a positive difference for many children and young people. They vigorously deny the allegations. They have a right to respond to any allegations and defend their reputations. And the Ministry supports them to do so.

“The vast majority of the claims relate to former staff. For the thirteen staff still employed by the Ministry, thorough processes are in place to protect everyone’s interests.

The Ministry is in discussions with claimants’ lawyers about meeting their clients and fully investigating their claims. To our knowledge there are no active police investigations in respect of these claims.

“The first of these civil cases are due to be heard in the High Court next month. Given the pending court action, the Ministry is limited in what it can say at this stage about the claims, but I reiterate my commitment to act fairly in respect of each and every one,” said Peter Hughes.


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3 Responses to “MSD establishes CYF Complaints Unit for those abused or maltreated in care.”

  1. jay said

    What a load of rubbish. Historical abuse
    by cyfs claims. Dream on, you are backing the ratbags who caused the horror.
    Who has money or lawyers to go to high court. Hughes: you talk of respect.
    You do not do it now with the present victims. Go and tell someone who believes you. Many of us have complained to you and your minister for yrs about this abuse, we are told: it is historic, yous did not want to know about it.
    You are a two- faced con artist.

  2. Bryn said

    Historical… hmmm, the definition of “historical”… anything in the past… which started after this post, this is the past (history) that you are reading NOW….

  3. beam me up said

    You cause horror, you cause horror, you cause horror !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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