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Smack the gangs.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 7, 2007

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Smack the gangs.
Sunday, 06.05.2007, 07:41pm (GMT12)

I saw on STUFF today that a 2 year old baby was shot dead in a drive by shooting in Wanganui last night. It was gang related, Black Power members fighting among themselves. No doubt Dimwit Sue will suggest that her stupid bill will prevent such tragedies from happening in the future but we all know that would just be another lie. The fact is, this is a BIGGER problem than anything
Bradford’s idiotic bill will address, and more than likely MP’s will *again* ignore the REAL issues facing our nation.
 These MP’s are living in their own ivory castle and don’t know what the real issues are facing our nation; the only time they will come out of their castles is at election time. Then they will lie to us again, Clark will tell us how wonderful she is and what a great job her lame duck Government has done for the families of New Zealand, putting more money into the pockets of parents. The fact is, this is one way she can “own” the people, one way she can “tell” the people what’s good for them, such as the anti smacking bill which the people do not want. What the people want NOW is this stupid
Bradford bill dropped, and buried for ever and a day. What the people want NOW is action against the gangs which are running amok in our communities, stealing from us, raping the elderly and blowing themselves up in “P” labs.
 The recent “P” lab explosion is hot on the heels of Police search warrants being executed on gang houses which netted stolen goods, drugs and weapons. In fact, it was disclosed that a young child was lying on a pillow which was concealing a loaded handgun. There’s your job Bradford, DO something about the gangs, DROP your stupid bill which no one wants and get a new bill in outlawing gangs and making it easier for the Police to crack down on the gangs… do that, and you will actually find 80% of the people 100% behind you, for a change, rather than against you. I say to
Bradford, why not do this and protect the likes of that two year old in Wanganui that was killed. You say you CARE about our Children, which is strange because you are going to turn all parents into criminals, BUT, you allow CRIMINALS who happen to be parents to lie next to loaded handguns.
 Helen and Sue, and now, even John Keys, climb down OUT of your ivory castle and spend some time in the real world.  The only thing you are doing is making everyone say its high time Politicians were shot. The people have lost faith in you, but because you are in your castle, immune from the real world, it would be pointless asking for an early election. The people have lost faith in our… correction, YOUR democracy. When you don’t listen, then it’s a dictatorship. kiwi1960

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