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CYFS lie in Court Affidavit.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 7, 2007

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CYFS lie in Court Affidavit.
Friday, 04.05.2007, 10:54pm (GMT12)

Can you please tell me if it is illegal for a CYFS social worker to lie in an affidavit put to the court?

Our 13 yr old son was out of control and physically attacked his father. His father lost his cool and did not punch him but back handed him and the boy got a black eye from it. The cops took our son away and he was put in CYFS care for the night. A few days later after many attempts to call them i finally got thru to the office and talked to a lady called Beth. She told me we needed to sign some papers.


I told her we would not sign anything and would pick our son up later that day as i needed to organise my husband to be home too. They then rang him at work and told him to sign the papers and he said no so they said that they would get a court order.


Since then my husband has got from the court an affidavit from the CYFS stating that he had assaulted our son and he was at risk so they are taking custody of him thru the court.

It goes to court at 10am in the morning and we are not going to have anything to do with CYFS so don’t know what is going to happen.

He has said in the affidavit that we have previous history with them (which in a way we do as some nasty person put in a false complaint about us and it was proven so with them) and also a history with child mental health who I did not even know existed.

We went thru our local mp here in Wanganui when the false complaint was put in about us and they agreed to pay back money for phone calls not answered or returned and still not have received the cheque. This was approx 4 years ago.

We are just a normal family and I feel that we are being used for statistical purposes as we are easy picking.
What can we do??

Need advice urgently please

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