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Open Parliament letter to Sue Bradford.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 2, 2007

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Open Parliament letter to Sue Bradford.
Tuesday, 01.05.2007, 09:28pm (GMT12)

Open parliament letter to Sue Bradford. Kia Ora Sue, I read an article this morning in the Dominion Post where you have made the statement that in part your intention with the modification to s.59 of the Crimes Act 1960, is to bring us into line with the expectation of and our commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

You will be aware that my objection to your proposed bill is less its content but more that it cannot be managed where there is no parliamentary confidence in our present system of justice. You will be aware that with our judicial system about to go into review that this statement is supported by the government.

We have real problems that need to be sorted out for our systemic dysfunctionality and any further pressure placed on this through your proposed bill, where clearly there is a deep controversy, can only push to damage us deeper than from where we are already and must be bound to repair. 

However, for your statement my sentiment becomes secondary to the primary problem in that lack of truth and justice. Truth and justice is our only life to an ordered existence and you are absolutely aware that we are already deep in breach of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Where rationally we all work to protect children, dishonesty in this area is entirely improper. 

On your honour to oath, for such a statement, you should not be able to elect those clauses of the convention that you choose are suitable to your purpose. You are completely aware that the Care of Children Act 04 (COC) is a direct discrimination of children in favour of single women wanting to have children without their biological father factored into their lives.

Our application of this law is directly inconsistent with Article 9 of the convention which protects the child to an association with both of their parents. In your complaint about how people are responding to your intention, you say there is misinformation, yet you are misinforming society to believe that the standard requested is the standard of the convention and you are fully aware that it is not. You are also aware that the COC entitles indirect discrimination against fathers when promoting a facility for two women to have and raise a child without the child being protected to their natural right of association with their father. Children have rights as well yet you seem to be selective in those that you choose to promote. This is just out and out wrong Sue. To push this through using a party whip as your instrument, colluding with an identifiable existing corruption embedding a disrespect toward government for failures to adhere to due process, for the legitimacy of democratic order in a political environment which is anything but sustainable is sheer and outright lunacy. You and any politician not exercising conscience in this matter, when overpowering a child’s rights to careful and respectful and responsible debate, changing the words of a vital convention to suit order, in the end, causes the disassembly of our system by bashing our history using an atrocious application of faith. Please seek to even up the odds against the abuse of our democracy, accepting as reasonable for your demand that conscience votes are required and not the use of a whip already accepted to be adept using breaches of natural justice. Respectfully, Benjamin Easton(Of a fathers’ coalition) 

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