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Bradford Bill a threat to families.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 2, 2007

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Bradford Bill a threat to families.
Tuesday, 01.05.2007, 09:26pm (GMT12)

To whom it may concern.

We as New Zealanders are now faced with a pivotal moment in History.

Ms Bradford would have us believe that removing the “reasonable force clause” from our current law with stop child abuse.

As a “previously” at times, abusive parent I cannot see how this will change my behaviour, or prevent another child from being abused.

What will happen is the already overburdened court system will become clogged with cases waiting to be proven one way or another.

Families will be torn apart while this happens.

Neither the police nor CYFS have the resources to provide parents with decent role models or any programmes etc that will effect change.

For instance there are no anger management programmes for women in my area….

CYFS may not be able to place your children within family or the area you live in, so your children may be separated from each other. As well as the abusive parents…


Social workers will not oversee the placements for your children and your children will be at risk, from abuse from other children and maybe the caregivers in the group homes where your children might be placed. Then if you can afford a lawyer you will be faced with years of battles with lies and deceptions from CYFS as they cover their mismanagement / and or any abuse your children suffer “while in care” As for psychologists reports they are taken as “gospel” while the facts are never heard. 

CYF will put forward plans which the court will agree to but then they will not even do what they say they will.

You can ask for help and not get it. Ever.
And if your child hits you or breaks property… abuses you well don’t fight back, just take the blame. And so it goes on clogged courts. Lawyers and other professionals making money unhappy children and desperate parents… 

Do we want to pour millions more dollars into creating more misery…?

A simple solution is that we look with compassion and caring to those around us who need support whether that is a cup of tea or a ride to the supermarket, that families befriend other families.
 I know that in my case if someone had come over that day seen my freezer full of soggy bread and rotten meat and me weeping in the middle of it all then maybe I would still have a family. So let’s save the heartache and close down CYFS and pour the resources into programs that work. Let us teach our children well from he start and try kindness first.

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