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Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on May 1, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

One SUPER message containing all the news from the CYFSWATCH GROUP!

The SUPER message! Tee shirts, radio Station….
Monday, 30.04.2007, 09:46am (GMT12)

THE GATHERING, to be held in Masterton on Queens birthday weekend. We don’t expect many to turn up because of the lack of warning, but you wont have an excuse next year.Email for more information!

PTTP-hosting is now online. POWER TO THE PEOPLE hosting will provide low cost free speech sites to the masses. Get your own blog from $2.00 per month, we watch your back so you can tell the Governemnt what you think.

CYFSwatch tee-shirts will be on sale from this Tuesday, the online E-shop is at the pttp-hosting website.

RADIO CYFSWATCH will be on “ether” from the middle of next month, playing 24/7, but only a few hours per day will be live (at this stage). The stations homepage can also be found at pttp-hosting website. If you would like to be a DJ then email me at for details. Homepage at

The “CYFSWATCH GROUP” is to publish a book, out later this year, about the storm CYFSwatch created, and will contain many of the stories parents have posted on the site (except, all names will be removed, for legal reasons) It will tell the stories of people who felt elated and empowered by the arrival of CYFSWATCH and how it has changed their lives, but also sadness when it dawned on them Labour was going to just ignore the website. It examines what rights we, as a people, really have in this nation, and the lengths some have to go to obtain a “fair go”.

The “CYFSWATCH GROUP” will also start distributing a monthly newsletter with uncensored stories from the CYFSwatch website to all those that pay a small fee for it. This is mainly for those without internet access BUT, also, you can email the newsletter to your local M.P. 🙂

The “CYFSWATCH GROUP” is also moving into politics. Within the next few months, a dedicated site will be set-up to advise everyone on where the parties stand on issues such as Bradford’s anti smacking bill or demanding an investigation into CYFS, this will then further expand onto where individual MPs or candidates stand on those things.

Email links will then be included so you can voice your displeasure at that MP, or thank him/her for supporting our cause.


Please note, the CYFSWATCH GROUP is a NON PROFIT group and its members donate their time and money freely to the cause. We rely on donations, so a DONATE button can be found at the CYFStalk website, or if you do not have a credit card, theres bank account details there so you can make a bank deposit.

We are NOT selling ANYTHING, we ask you to pay the stated DONATION, and as a reward, we will send you the item you selected, be it a tee shirt or a blog. We object to being tax collectors for the Govrnment while they would use that money to run their state Kidnapping agency, CYFS.

Over the next week, I will aslo be creating new Email accounts for the CYFSWATCH GROUP, so rather than Email me about the gathering, you can email those organising it at something like or another account for the merchandise and so on.


Would you vote for any MP that supports the Bradford anti smacking bill?

YES: 19.8% (85 votes)

NO: 80.2% (344 votes)

This mirrors the national trend which constantly shows the people do NOT want the Bill.

(Bill is right… we, the people, will be paying for years to come for this stupid bill.)

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