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Who you gonna call? Not CYFS.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 28, 2007

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Who you gonna call? Not CYFS.
Friday, 09.03.2007, 02:16pm (GMT12)

My experiences with CYFS over the years:1. I phoned CYFS in 1996 to bring to their attention my two sons (then 8 and 10 years old) that had been left alone at home by their mother.

The lady I spoke with was going to have it checked and asked if I would be prepared to have the two boys at my home until they had completed their ‘investigations’.

About an hour or two later that same person phoned me back, reporting that they had located their mother and, on the strength of her ‘evidence’ they would not take action.

I was then also accused of being drunk and unreasonable – without cause, I must add.

The social worker was not able to substantiate her claims, other than that this was ‘likely, according to the mother’s story’.

She could not respond to my question: if you believe I am drunk, why would you allow me to take care of my boys if found the mother had indeed left them alone?

2. At the ripe old age of 12 my youngest son was admitted to hospital with alcohol poisoning after attending a party for a 17 or 18 year old (girl) friend.

His mother had allowed him to attend this, and I was disturbed by the time he was admitted (1am Saturday morning).

His mother did not bother to see him in hospital and later refused to attend a pre-arranged session with a social worker. I spoke with CYFS people (at length) but did not get anywhere at all: they did not regard the matter as ‘serious enough’.

3. At 14 my youngest son was a habitual truant, and contacting CYFS resulted in a stern warning to me: the mother is a teacher and doing the best she can.

It was added I should change my stance and look at the future.

A while later one of the social workers contacted me and suggested I mellow out as his mother and I were looking forward to ‘wedding parties’, ‘graduation ceremonies’, and the like for our sons in future.

My suggestion then it was more than likely to be either a funeral or a court hearing for criminal offences perpetrated fell on deaf ears: I was too pessimistic according to the social worker (a senior one, at that).

4. The real irony: their mother is a teacher, collecting accolades from her peers for her ‘excellent work with students’. This, obviously, played a significant role with those at CYFS.

The best advice I have ever been given by a CYFS worker: get a female solicitor, they receive a better hearing in the Family Court.

Unfortunately, this appeared to be correct………………

The most absurd:(after my 14 year old had stolen a car and caused an accident) “this case is not serious enough for us to become involved with; we have more urgent and serious matters to attend to”.

I cannot help but draw an analogy with a book (a parody) I once read on Communist China: there was a major traffic problem developing in Shanghai and the authorities found the solution to the Shanghai problem: rename Shanghai to Hai-Shang…. how many times has CYFS had a name change????!!!!!

Excellent management by the government!!

By the way, when are you extending the site to include the Family Court system????
They are very, very close with CYFS.

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