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“All CYFS do is utterly disempower you”.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 28, 2007

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“All CYFS do is utterly disempower you”.
Friday, 09.03.2007, 02:18pm (GMT12)

In my personal experiences and of those who have contributed their personal stories there is little or no accountability of CYFS and its staff. After all it’s us the tax payer who ultimately funds its operations. Therefore they should be a little more transparent and accountable than they currently are.It’s really hard to try and get your point across, but all CYFS do is utterly dis-empower you.

My story is no different than most that are posted here, but is just as heart breaking, however there are some common themes.

The heart break of trying to protect your children is a far too common occurrence.

It’s in all of us as parent’s genetic makeup to care love and nurture our children.

But due to social pressures etc some individuals may eventually cross the line.

I’m not going to relate my story at this time however from my experiences I would like to highlight some issues.

Trying get hold of the respective SW or case worker is almost impossible.

Most SW are untrained or are undergoing training, and have no social development

The SW’s that I dealt with and their Immediate Supervisors did not know anything but the basic details of case information.

Agreements made at FGC (Family Group Conferences) were not upheld by CYFS, also activities that occurred outside the FGC were included in the minutes, but the extreme abuse that was directed at me in the FGC by was completely left out

Affidavits have little or no credibility in the Family Court except for those who make the most abhorrent allegations. Further to this the contents of affidavits are rarely questioned by the presiding judge but are taken as gospel.

Orders made by the Family Court are not upheld by CYFS or the respective case/SW.

Yes the plan maybe quickly put in place but the goal posts are changed rapidly, and in my case without order/consultation of the Family Court or consulting myself – oh by the way I had and still have legal custody.

The term care and protection is dangerous and can easily mislead distraught parents (who have normally exhausted every other means of help available). In my case it was protection, care was never an issue.

They will go into schools without advising parents or care givers and demand to see the child. They will interrogate without impunity to they get the answers they want to hear.

They openly advise you that you can sign your child over for a period of time, or they will take you to court and get custody anyway.

They will allow the other parent to openly manipulate the child during supervised access.

In my situation they did not involve the police because they didn’t think the ongoing assault and constant abuse was serious. I had to complain to the police and when the evidential interview was done, well no surprises that there was more than a case to be answered to.

As far as I’m concerned the Child, Youth and Family Service needs to be accountable to all New Zealanders. Our children are our future therefore we should nurture and grow them with care, dignity and protection.

My dealings with this organisation have not been without cost. My immediate family and friends are now so fragmented over the incident, and we hardly ever talk. It eventually destroyed my relationship at the time.

My career has suffered significantly, mainly due to the amount of time I had to take off and my emotional state. All this is because I wanted to protect my child.

I complained to those who would listen, and those who wouldn’t as well. On the most part it fell on deaf ears.

I also spent two separate occasions with my local MP who was very supportive and couldn’t believe my story. He did well by me, then I received a letter from the Minister of CYFS telling me to back off and not to bother the Department.

Sorry, excuse me, but I was only asking when your Department was going to follow up and action the order made by the Family Court. I emailed the major newspapers and TV, no one wanted to hear

I have the letters, emails, court orders, affidavits, information requested under the FOI act, copies of emails, voice recordings etc to back up everything I say. I also complained to the Office for the Commissioner of the Child and almost five years later I still await a response.

If and when this department is ever taken to task over their gross mis-management this countries future, I will gladly be there with my evidence to stand up and be heard.

All the best.

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