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A product of the “CYFS System” speaks out – at 16 years old.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 28, 2007

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A product of the “CYFS System” speaks out – at 16 years old.
Friday, 09.03.2007, 12:52pm (GMT12)

March 2006 I was kicked out of home because my parents weren’t accepting of my sexual orientation.I moved up to
Auckland to start off fresh with my life, which I successfully did. I gained full time employment and had a safe and secure place to live.

Being only 15 during this whole ordeal and having no support (except one very honourable woman) I started to become depressed and gained suicidal tendencies.

One night I then received a phone call from a private number stating that I better leave my support network that I had gained alone and I better stop seeing her to receive support otherwise they would kill me.

They hung up the phone and a series of threatening text messages started. I became very scared and reached out to my only support network.

She said that she had contacted social workers to see what we all could do regarding my situation.

I am a very outgoing person with a very bubbly personality and I do have the tendency to be slightly spontaneous and the social workers said that this works against me, so i was placed with a respite nurse.

I was earning enough to have the privilege to eat out every night and get decent meals into me but my respite nurse wouldn’t let me go out.

I later learned that i was deemed unsafe to be in public and that i had a sever personality disorder which meant i could cause great harm to people around me, which was totally untrue but it was the conclusion that CYFS had come up with.

I had the respite nurse for three days and it scared me to have a complete stranger living in my home, i was allowed no privacy, i couldn’t lock the bathroom door, the door had to be slightly open when i wanted to shower but the thing that freaked me out the most was the nurse would sit next to me while i was sleeping and watch me.

I was extremely disturbed to this day and now have extreme troubles sleeping. It was the Thursday morning and the respite nurse had finally left and i was shocked to get a phone call from CYFS stating they had terminated my tenancy and had to be out of the apartment by 4pm that day. I packed up the apartment and CYFS then refused to tell me where i was going to live.

The put my in a hostel just around the corner from my apartment and i lived there for approx 1 month. i developed sever depressive symptoms and started to gain more support from the woman mentioned earlier.

Now throughout this whole thing, i had told CYFS, do not contact my parents, they are not to know! My parents had been earlier involved in a child abuse case between me and my older brother and both my parents had coerced us to not say anything to the social workers or we would suffer the consequences.

I was with my support lady at her place of employment when i got a phone call from my mother stating she had some school stuff to sort out and if she could stay with me. I agreed, not knowing that my social worker had contacted her. From then on, CYFS kept me out of the loop hole of what was happening.

I rung my mother and told her she cant come up to
Auckland and that there is nothing to worry about and i didn’t hear from her again. One week later i was sent to a psychologist at an
Auckland hospital. I told them that everyone was putting me under so much stress that i wanted to die. The psychologist then had me section under the mental health act and i was forced in a high dependency unit (HDU) and another
Auckland hospital, this was even more stressful. I had no contact with the outside world, visitors were extremely limited.

They even took my shoes off me. I was in the adolescent mental health ward for another week after being let out of HDU. I then started to get back into the swing of things in my life. I had a awesome Xmas and new years with my friends and having some wicked times together. 6th January, i had lost all my support and all the stresses of life had caught up with my, i couldn’t stop crying or even leave my room at the hostel.

I decided to end my life.

9pm I hung myself.

9.05 pm the police knocked down my door and sent me to ED and back to the adolescent mental health ward for a further week. After getting out of hospital i was left with a horrific scar which is still very prominent and a foster family. I agreed to live with the foster family for a total of 2 weeks until i was due to go on a youth leadership camp.

I lived with the family, worked, had a good time with them and then went to the camp where i turned 16. i got back from camp and was 16 finally. I rung my social worker and asked if they could help me find short term accommodation until i got my financial side sorted out. They said no. After speaking to several lawyers around the country, we reached the agreement that CYFS couldn’t care less about child well being and that i should just back off.

I am sixteen and currently have nowhere to live. I have no job because I don’t have a permanent address to get anything sent to. I have an apt with WINZ to gain the IYB so I can afford to eat each week. I am still very depressed but I don’t let that get in my way. I am grateful that my friend has lent me his couch to sleep on.

I am still a very outgoing person and I love being around people, I have made it my mission that I will not let anyone be in the same situation as me and I will follow through with that promise.

That is my story, CYFS have screwed me over and i think its time for all of us to screw them back!

Yours sincerely,

Homeless 16yr Old

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