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Feedback wanted

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 27, 2007

Feedback wanted

Hi Watchingcyfs.

Could you post this for us. We would like feedback from visitors to this site/blog.
then we will adopt final version. plus any additional ideas.

Re Petition. I tried to find how to send you 1st draft copy of copy of petition
calling for huge changes to cyfs & application etc.
Now we have copy of redraft of it from Clerk Of the House.
1st draft:
That a full investigation/inquiry into changes to cyfs be done.
That the body doing said inquirey, have broad powers to investigate all aspects
of the Act cyfs works under. Looks at outstanding and ongoing complaints.
Makes recommendations for changes.
That Body has the powers to enforce said changes. This to be done in consultation with parents and Public.

Secondly: A FULLTIME BODY be set up to deal with all complaints and problems with cyfs.
This to have wide ranging powers, Authority to investigate all cyfs staff.(Both professional and private lives). As well as their conduct and practices.The said powers; have a wide
scope to investigate cyfs and matters pertaining to. in complete entirety.
Have powers to enforce changes needed to cyfs. Make cyfs accountable. Make
cyfs answerable for any wrong -doings, powers to follow through.
Therefore; any cyfs worker, who abuses their powers, abuses parents, care givers or familys, can be suitably punished. (no set time limitations, ie: even if incidents happened 20>30 yrs still accountable for their actions).

The Govt dept presently known as cyfs must be fully accountable. any wrongdoings by said Dept, punishable. Justice must be seen to be done, for said dept to have any credibility and restore public faith in it.
It is recommended that said Body by lead by a retired Judge.
Further that majority of persons making up the body, not be members or ex members of cyfs
A large input can come from them. Also any groups who monitor cyfs wrongdoings. If possible, groups such as PANIC, (who see the need for cyps, but not in its present state).
Could put names forward, to fill places on said body, to give balance views.
It is thought, smaller versions in bigger centres around nz.

REPLY FROM : Office of Clerk (Parliament) Plus their changes to above draft.

Reply;Thankyou for letter 24/4/07 asking for me to look at the wording of Kay Axford’s proposed petition and make any necessary changes to ensure the final wording complies with Standing Orders (Parliamentary practice).
Please find attached a draft petition for Kay Axford’s consideration. I have suggested changes to the layout of the petition, to make it easier to read, and to the length of the prayer (request being made to the House, because the prayer only needs to be a brief snapshot of what the petitioner is asking the House to do. It does not need to include the reasons why the request is being made.

Here it is:

That the House establish a body, with broad powers to inquire into all aspects of the Children, Young Persons and their Families Service, and that this body, after consultation with parents and the public, have the power to make recommendations for change establish a full-time body, with wide ranging powers, to deal with any complaints made about the practices, procedures, actions or conduct of staff of Children, Young Persons and their Families Service and enforce any recommendations for change that were recommended by the inquiry body and later adopted by the Government.

Thats it folks. Does 2nd draft have teeth? Any ideas welcome.

Thanks: Kay Axford.

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2 Responses to “Feedback wanted”

  1. Jay said

    Good one Kay, This is a chance for all parents and guardians to get behind
    this petition. Kay is a Councellor
    ex-Rape crisis worker, member of PANIC. Her younger brother is, Graeme Axford.

    I have known both for many yrs. Kay is a very determind, ideal person to head this petition.
    A petition, that belongs to all those hurt by cyfs Neg actions and who want changes.

  2. ParentsAgainstAbuse said

    I don’t quite understand this, it seems that “Jay” posted both the Post and the comment. (If you click on “Posts” and scrolled down). is Kay “Jay” or is it that “Jay” is alot closer to Kay than it seems? The comment seems abit over the top, if both post and comment come from same person.

    But dispite the confusion, good luck with the petition. Cyfs may have needed a makeover for decades.

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