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CYFSwatch move completed – site handed to “CYFSWATCH Collective”.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 22, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Tis done! The move took place between the hours of 2am and 6am last night.

CYFSwatch move completed – site handed to “CYFSWATCH Collective”.
Sunday, 22.04.2007, 06:19pm (GMT12)

And now I can reveal that I am no longer the host of CYFSwatch! It is being hosted by a group of people (The CYFSWATCH Collective) who believe in the cause of free speech and that CYFS needs to be accountable and investigated.

Labour, who claims to be working FOR families, is being two faced when they allow this Government department (CYFS) to run amok with no accountability and destroy the families they (Labour) claim to be helping.

That said, I’ve done my bit, yes, I am part of the hosting service that hosts CYFSwatch, but only so far as technical support and IT support for those it hosts, I am still a strong supporter of CYFSwatch, but really, I am sick and tired of giving newspaper and radio interviews only to have my words twisted by the scumbag Helen loving media out there.

Let someone else carry the torch for awhile, although, I know that anyone associated with the hosting of this site may now say “no comment” because of a few bad journos out there.

All media requests for info and comment to do with this site should be addressed to CYFSwatch at

I will however continue to work with those MPs that agree with our cause as well as running the CYFStalk website.

Long may CYFSwatch shame social workers and the Government.


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2 Responses to “CYFSwatch move completed – site handed to “CYFSWATCH Collective”.”

  1. Wayne Fergusson said

    How about naming the media reporters etc that have been contemptious and support their prejudice fuhrer.

  2. Jay said

    You are a hero to us in the truest form.
    Most of us have got headaches from banging our heads on brick walls.
    You made a breach, we will keep chipping away.
    What cyfs are doing, would; elsewhere, be classed as criminal or war crimes
    You site/Blog was for many of us, feel good!
    Cyfs insanity was getting to many of us,
    you allowed us to vent pent up anger, that we now
    direct at cyfs. Before we felt helpless,we have got some of the power back. Not only us, but the whole world sees cyfs as a bunch of goons
    People often ask, why did the NAZIs
    gain so much power.
    They told the public, they were doing the right thing, their spin Dr was the father of spin, made it all look nicey-pie.
    They said they would clean up the system. No one at the start, worried too much about disappearing people.
    The old: got to break a few eggs to bake cake.
    But the invisible line between moral and lack of any moral restraint was crossed. Humanity was kicked out of the picture.
    It took a world war to sort those state sanctioned thugs out.
    Cyps have passed over that line!

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