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CYFSWATCH is being moved!! Downtime expected

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 22, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

 CYFSWATCH is being moved!! Downtime expected
Thursday, 19.04.2007, 03:24am (GMT12)

CYFSwatch is being moved for reasons I cannot yet divulge, but it does mean a little bit of downtime.

When the domain was purchased, it took only a few hours for it to propogate around the world. I’m expecting less time for the move to propogate as only the IP numbers will change.

But disruption will occur. When the site goes, don’t worry, the MSD goons won’t have won a victory. Once its back, nothing will have changed (apart from the IP which wont bother anyone as they won’t even notice.)

Once the site has moved and CYFSwatch signs off on it, then the site will be expanded somewhat so even more can be added. Exactly what will be added depends on what CYFSWATCH decides is best for him.

CYFStalk will also be on the move, and will get its own domain name.

A new site will will also appear offering people hosting services as well as CYFSwatch merchandise, such as tee shirts protesting the smacking ban bill and other things along this line.

This new site will be non profit. I wish to repeat that I have full confidence in CYFSWATCH and all he does and will always support him and host him for all eternity and a day! Only the server will change, not the host.


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