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Terrified to even “name and shame” anonymously.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 21, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Terrified to even “name and shame” anonymously.
Friday, 09.03.2007, 07:10am (GMT12)

And as a weapon of war, a complaint was laid about me and others to CYF by an extended family member. As we had been involved previously in some controversial events, we were fair game for attack.I would love to tell the details of my case and expose the people I have encountered in this horrifying organisation.

However, I am so terrified of the possible repercussions, through CYF and court channels, on my children, that I will not divulge any identifying information. And it will stay that way until my children are old enough not to be pushed around by CYF anymore.

So, the only thing I can really say at this time, is this:

The only time I have ever felt that my children were seriously in danger and in need of protection was when CYF entered our lives. Then myself and my husband fought tooth and nail for their welfare. We are still together as a family which I think is an absolute miracle, that we survived the onslaught of CYF, because I seriously thought there for a while that we wouldn’t.

CYF and the family court are the single most destructive force on my family I have ever encountered.

Like probably most New Zealanders, I went into the family court proceedings with this naive idea that if I hadn’t broken any law, or abused my children in any way, then no court in the land could touch me or my children and they certainly wouldn’t be able to push me around in any way.

Boy, was I wrong! Big time!

I am shocked to the core by what I have experienced in the family court and CYF and it has shattered my faith in NZ. And you won’t believe it until it happens to you and your family. Yes, ordinary, good, decent, caring New Zealand parents, are having their lives ripped apart by these very, very powerful organisations.

And if after they’ve pillaged your family, they got it wrong???? Oh, well, you know, too bad. Next please

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