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Stuff article on CYFSWATCH – and CYFSWATCH website hosts reply.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 21, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Stuff article on CYFSWATCH – and CYFSWATCH website hosts reply.
Friday, 20.04.2007, 10:59pm (GMT12)


Been there, shamed the social worker, bought the t-shirt

NZPA | Thursday, 19 April 2007


You can name and shame social workers on the internet and soon you’ll be able to buy the T-shirt too.


The blog site “cyfswatch” attracts posts from people wanting to name and shame social workers, publish the addresses of members of parliament, and tell their tales of trouble with the social service Child, Youth and Family.

Now, the site is branching out.

In a post today, site host kiwi1960 – otherwise known as Masterton man Henk Van Helmond – says the website is moving and will be shortly relaunched.

“A new site will also appear offering people hosting services as well as cfyswatch merchandise, such as tee shirts protesting the smacking ban bill and other things along this line.”

In a case of blogging the blogger, Mr Van Helmond last month found his own name and address posted on the site.

Despite saying he was not worried about it, that post now appears to have been removed.

After an initial burst of activity, the last entry in the “Hall of Shame” on the site was nearly three weeks ago, against two Christchurch social workers.

Mr Van Helmond took up hosting the site after internet giant Google pulled the plug when a posting threatened Green MP Sue Bradford over her parliamentary bid to remove the so-called section 59 legal defence for parents to physically discipline their children.


Reply from Kiwi1960:


Open Letter to the reporter!

You article misrepresents the truth, just as your previous article did about this website.

No one “outed” me, I named myself to my local News Paper and the story was carried by many other media outlets. It seems you are the only one not to know this. This was before you saw the comment which you claim “outed me”. Are you so ignorant that you don’t keep up with your fellow reporters?

Secondly, the comment left by Claude Balls when he thought he had “outed” me is still on this site, the fact that you couldn’t find it means you didn’t look very hard.

The slow down in number of name and shame posts proves one thing, that because the Government refuses to investigate what has been posted so far tells people there’s no point telling their story. Why doesn’t the media publish some of these stories and try to force action on obtaining an investigation?

In fact, why don’t YOU post some of the stories? You can take out the names and it would still have impact, is it that this site has more balls than the mainstream media? Or is it because the Government has warned you off any such move? This must mean I’m willing to make a stand while you ignore the pain created by CYFS.

I’d like to see you publish a story, if you have the guts, on the cowardly media bowing to Government pressure; you don’t even have the balls to publish the sites URL.

So many times lately, the media that has contacted me has said this site is needed, but they won’t really get involved because they fear legal action from Peter Hughes if they do. If you were fair, you would mention that instead of doing Peter Hughes dirty work for him. But rather than support the people of New Zealand who have suffered at the hand of CYFS, you find comfort in the knowledge that by attacking me with half truths you earn brownie points.

Everyone remembers what Helen Clark said, that the media must wake up to the fact they if they publish anything they don’t like, then they wont get the interviews with the Ministers. Right?

Which Minister are you hoping to interview when you have earned enough brownie points with Clark?

In the meantime, while you cower in your little hidey hole, I am at work with National Party MPs who want to force a full investigation into CYFS, the MSD and the THOUSANDS of complaints which they have covered up because they investigated all complaints themselves.

I am working for these people for FREE, while you get paid a wage to post half truths, blood money to earn brownie points with Labour. Well, enjoy it while it lasts, labour wont be re-elected next year, everyone knows that.


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