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CYFS give children to “baby abuser”.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 21, 2007

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CYFS give children to “baby abuser”.
Friday, 09.03.2007, 07:11am (GMT12)

I was married to a ‘baby abuser’ I did not know she was one at the time when we got married. But once our 1st child was born it soon showed up. She had a son previous to marriage, but told me she chose to give him up at 3 months to his father…I believed her!!When our child was 3 months old I chose to leave the home – I had rung CFYS and informed them of what I believed my wife was doing – but they were not interested!!

They told me that she had a history/file on her, but as nothing could be proven on that child they would do NOTHING. 24 hours later my child was thrown at me – physically – in front of the Police and in public.

What did CYFS do…? They took my child, and placed him in foster care. Fair enough, I thought!! AT least he will be safe.

Next thing I hear CYFS have given my poor wee child back to my ex-wife and they have gone into “The Nest” in Hamilton. After less than 10 days there, out she walks, our baby going with her, and then to her friends place – drugs, alcohol and partying 99%!!

Phoning and texting me all the time demanding I take the baby to give her a rest. I ring CYFS to find out my legal standing – get told they are watching the situation.

Next thing – CYFS are doing is having a FGC, allowing her and her mother to have baby at her house – this is the place where her mother used to abuse my ex-wife and where my ex-wife had accused her step-father of raping and sexually assaulting her!!

When I objected I was told that it was CYFS power to do whatever they wanted. My family wanted to help, but were told when and where they could see baby…and the power was held by CYFS and the ex-wife’s mother!!

Well this went on for months – every time I asked to see the Social Workers as I was becoming more and more concerned, I was told they were too busy. My families were always in touch with CYFS, and the family and were told to butt out as well.

A year passed by and another child was born – we were told at first that it was mine. I was shocked but happy at having what I thought were two healthy and happy children. Little did I know what their mother was doing! We even tried to get back together to raise our two beautiful children together.

Once I saw for myself though what type of person and mother she was though, I was shocked. I contacted CYFS and was told that they had major concerns as well and was calling another FGC. This happened, and it transpired that both children were removed and placed in care.

A week later the eldest child was placed with my family (hip hip hooray!!) HOWEVER, when medically examined found to have evidence of 23 broken bones, we were told he would never walk and his global delay was so bad we should consider placing him in residential care!!

My family thought otherwise….they FOUGHT tooth and nail for my child – this is the same child that got 2nd place in the school’s cross-country race in November 2006!!

He is the healthy happiest (and may I add LOVED) child. BUT where was CYFS all the time..TOO BUSY??? what too busy to care? Too busy to protect? Too busy doing what???

Now onto No. 2 son – he was busy being ‘raised’ by a bully of a Foster Mother-a woman in Hamilton, who has a moustache any man would be proud of, the size so gross she could hardly walk, she forgot to shower or bath, lived in a filthy state- rented house, and said she was going to keep our son.

I don’t think so Sue Anderson! Also, can anyone help me here…Is it CYFS policy to place boys in a home with two gay women? She had 4 bedrooms – 1 with her daughter and a boarder, 1 for my son, 2 boys with severe behavior problems in the 3rd bedroom, so where does “Dell” sleep?

It was evident that the two females shared a bed… As this woman had been on CYFS books for years she had POWER – she told such bull to the dept. They tried stopping me and my family seeing MY son!!

She sold the gifts and clothes we gave them for our son. Told him we were never going to see him again and we were bad people, would not give us access, and lied to the Social Workers whenever I did see my son.

She recorded my telephone calls and then twisted anything I said to try and get her greedy fat hands on my child – for the money, not the love.

After 2 years plus my family and I fought the Dept. and we won!! Sue Anderson never cared – she has never even sent a card to this boy whom she said she cared about.

He was good enough when she got the money, but soon forgot him when she stopped being paid and got are placement from CYFS.

We now have our two fantastic children back home with our family. BUT at what cost..?? Legal bills of $30,000-00 plus, my father and mother raising two young children – bringing on added stress at their ages, me having to move to be near my children so as to support my family – having to re-mortgage myself in an area I would sooner not live, but have to as have to be near my children, who I love so dearly.

After a year and no support, no visits from CYFS – who had custody of the youngest, but not the elder child, as we were still working thru the process, THEY turned up in the middle of the night and uplifted and removed our son. A screaming terrified child was placed in a stranger’s car with one unlicensed and unregistered social worker. Screaming for mile we heard him!! All this was done on a complaint from the ex-wife, who amongst other things said the child was not mine, and that WE were abusers!!

This is the woman who had never even seen her own children for 4 years (she had a 4th one by now by yet another man!) Had never acknowledged birthdays, Christmas, or anything – nor had her mother or her family either!! Did CYFS do anything then …? But OH NO, once again we pay.. Literally, with DNA testing (another $1800-00 plus more legal fees) and being without our youngest baby for 5 months!!

Yes, we got him back, but really at what cost? And where was CYFS and their help or care or support for the child – no-where to be seen. They were quick to uplift, quick to judge, but not quick enough to care. So 5 months of hell without my son, he was returned – with all his clothes and toys stolen and replaced with rubbish.

Where was CYFS again – Nowhere!!

On the good side though –I have two fantastic kids. They get the best, because they are the best!! And CYFS can go to —- I fought them all – and I won!! I have two emotionally damaged kids thanks to CYFS, but love shall overcome!!


On the end of this, I must tell you that my ex now has had at least 6 kids that I know of –perhaps up to 8!! If what I am told by my old friends is true. She is only 25 years old now… CYFS has removed each child, and only her 1st three are with their families. The rest are under CYFS ….GOD HELP THEM !!

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