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Anti-Smacking Bill Reveals Liars, Fence-Sitters.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 21, 2007

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Anti-Smacking Bill Reveals Liars, Fence-Sitters.
Thursday, 19.04.2007, 10:12pm (GMT12)

Anti-Smacking Bill Reveals Liars, Fence-Sitters

Anti-Smacking Bill Reveals Liars, Fence-Sitters

“It is heartening to see John Key take a stand on the anti-smacking bill by refusing to meet with Sue Bradford. But what he hopes to gain by a wording change to the bill is unclear as we already have legislation outlawing assault on children,” said Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Social Welfare Spokesman. “Then again, changing the wording to the bill will also allow John Key to do what he does best; compromise and fence sitting.”

He says, “The only good thing to come from the anti-smacking bill is that it has shown us what bare faced liars Helen Clark and Sue Bradford are. Prior to the public outcry both Clark and Bradford were clear that this bill outlawed smacking of any kind. When they realised the unpopularity of their interference into our lives they both changed their spin. Of course the bill remains clear: the Police will be forced to arrest good, loving parents for smacking their children.”

Mr Osborne continues, “People must question why, with the ever increasing political interference into our private lives, assaults and murders of children are becoming more vicious and common! Libertarianz understands only too well that it is because of the insidious New Zealand welfare system. When people are paid systematically to do nothing; to aspire to nothing, their lives are altered from a future of possibilities and aspirations to an easy option of subsidised nothingness. In the guise of ‘helping’ people, politicians have created a system which brings out the worst in many.”

In conclusion Osborne says, “Libertarianz believes that if people are left to peacefully live without the burdens and interference of the state then human resourcefulness will allow everyone the opportunity to improve their lives and to strive for the best within themselves. What a wonderful environment that would be for raising children! Our constitution would ensure that the Bradfords, Clarks and Keys of this world would have no power to erode the freedom that is ours by right.”

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”

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