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Who is winning?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 19, 2007

Source: Reformation Testimony

The anti-smacking debate: Who is winning?

There is little question in my mind that the neo-pagans will succeed in banning smacking and criminalising parents who want to be consistent with the teaching of the Bible and bring up their children in a God-honouring way. There is the faint hope that the legislation will not survive the select committee and voting process without some changes to make it more palatable for concerned parents, but I would not hold my breath.

With people like Child commissioner Dr Cindy Kiro linking infanticide and other child abuse to the “section 59” defence which protects parents from being charged with a crime when they use reasonable force to discipline their children, we know that reason will not win the argument with the secularist totalitarians who control our government. Rationality has never been a strong point of our feminist neo-pagan rulers.

We have seen Green MP Sue Bradford pushing false figures of Swedish child abuse and murder in order to deflect the actual evidence that the Swedish experiment to ban smacking by parents has not worked in reducing child abuse. And we have seen the same Sue Bradford claim that her bill will not prevent a parent smacking a child. At the same time she has to admit that a parent who uses force against a child will still be committing an assault, so we know that her attempts to alleviate fears that parents will be criminalised have no substance whatsoever.

We have seen the media and the anti-family anti-smacking lobby ridiculing a Christian pamphlet on parental discipline. A lie has been repeated that this pamphlet recommends that children be beaten for up to 15 minutes at a time. The Christian pamphlet says nothing of the sort. And we have seen Ruby Harrold-Claesson, a Swedish lawyer who opposes anti-smacking laws, ridiculed and treated with disdain in the media in her recent trip to New Zealand [go here for recorded interviews with Mrs Harrold-Claesson].

It is possible that political pragmatism will force a rethink for the Labour/Green coterie who are endeavouring to force through this attack on Christian values, but it is such an important plank in the religion of the neo-pagans that it is difficult to see them compromising except under the most pressing of circumstances. There are strong voices for the criminalising of parents who smack their children in National, the main opposition party, which means that National is hardly going to vote against the legislation as a party. Katherine Rich and other vocal advocates of this anti-family proposed legislation will make sure that the vote becomes a “conscience” vote [as an aside it is intriguing that our politicians apparently only vote according to their conscience on rare occasions].

Unless Labour can foresee themselves losing power if they help push through this anti-smacking bill, they will back it to the hilt. After all it is a policy which is consistent with their broad totalitarian aims to take all authority away from fathers, then parents and give it to a state dominated by homosexuals and feminists. This is all part of the feminist revolution. After all, we cannot have fathers taking the responsibility for disciplining their children according to biblical precepts – that would be to reinforce patriarchalism, the traditional family and the ethics of the Divine law-giver. This neo-pagan government wants instead to see the strategies of Satan entrenched in law, and the laws of God overthrown.

Garnet Milne PhD

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