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“To prove you are innocent of any allegations made by CYFS, you need money”.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 19, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

“To prove you are innocent of any allegations made by CYFS, you need money”.
Thursday, 08.03.2007, 09:42pm (GMT12)

12 years of raising a child who has a disability, on my own and when Dad and the CYFS worker decide they want to take over, I was well and truly screwed.

To prove your innocent of any allegations made by CYFS, you need money.

When you have CYFS workers banging on your door at all hours of the day and you work nightshift, it is very hard to fight the fair battle and that is what happened to me.

I had two years of their crap and when I asked for a copy of my file, they gave me a copy that had not been proof read so I was one of the lucky ones who got the names of my accusers and what a surprise. One was the best friend of the CYFS worker and the other was a sad woman who’s life revolved around being important and attending every F.G.C. she could get an invite to.

With facts in hand I went to the head of our local CYFS Office and spoke with the manager. I pointed out the link between one of the accusers and the CYFS worker that was involved with my ex-partner. I had a written report showing how I could prove I was innocent of all that had been both written and said about me. I asked why none of the people that actually knew and spent time with me and my child, had even been interviewed. Not even the Pediatrician that had dealt with my child since that first year, was asked to give a full report on the child’s well being.

The answer I got from the head of CYFS in Southland was:

“It is not our job to prove your innocence. It is our job to prove you are guilty and remove the child or to say that the child is safe, for the time being”.


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