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No one helped this man – not even the Prime Minister.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 19, 2007

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No one helped this man – not even the Prime Minister.
Thursday, 08.03.2007, 10:07pm (GMT12)

It is a shame in our nation and ‘democracy’ that such a step had to be taken.For too long now the culture of no accountability or consequences for terrible decision making and actions of govt. depts has been allowed, if not encouraged, and appears to be a personality trait required when applying for any managerial position in the public service.

My story may appear simple and unworthy but I thank you for the opportunity to express it.

My daughter, who I had raised singlehandedly from the age of 5,an average teenager, not the brightest star in the sky yet the one that I loved and still do more than all the others, went as was the custom, to visit her mother in Australia for Xmas.
This was paid for by me,as also was the custom, because her mother was too miserable to front up for part of the airfares despite only paying $21 per month CS, but that is another story regarding IRD and their similar culture of lies,denials and incompetence.

Within a fortnight of her arriving in Oz, I received a phone call from my deadbeat wife informing me she wouldn’t be returning her, she had already applied for CS at this point and was intent on using my daughter as a cash cow allowing her to continue in her chosen career as lifetime beneficiary.

To cut a long story short, 15 months later I received a phone call form my ex begging me to take my daughter back claiming to be at her wits end with the self destructive behaviour of our daughter,(she fought with Australian taxpayers money to keep her, and the Australian Court did not accept into evidence my sworn and notarised affidavit).

So in June 2005 my daughter returned, it was brilliant, both of us with ear to ear smiles at the renewing of bonds almost broken. When the self destructive behaviour started to manifest we tried all the channels that until you are in the needy situation, have always assumed were in place to help, support and offer a constructive plan or advice.

It was welcome to reality time, for the record THERE IS NO MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM IN NZ, just a bunch of overpaid incompetent seat warmers in flash offices. THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION is a joke, 3 months to get a teenage girl who needs to be educated and mixing with her peers enrolled in a school, while her case officer synchronises her interviews with her own daughters gymnastics competitions all over the North Island, she got her plane fares, motel expenses and rental car provided by the taxpayer this way.

My daughters problems included cutting. On the fourth occasion of this happening, I was woken at 3am by the police who had received a phone call from a friend she was txting while doing the cutting.

The police called CYFS rapid response team, as they are required to do, they were at my home within 15 mins and being aware of my daughters issues and the lack of progress so far, made me the offer of placing her in temporary care.

I agreed, thinking at least there should be some action now and her case will be handled by professionals.


The next day I was phoned by Jocelyn Meekings (Now with ACC). She made such a mess of my daughters case and others that she was pushed out the back door of CYFS and onto ACC within 4 days of getting my daughters file, no job application, references, anything. It was a matter of “lets bury the evidence”.

The day after signing my daughter into CYFS temporary care, I get a phone call from JOC MEEKINGS informing me she has found care for my daughter with a 26yr old boy racer pedophile,(my description ,not hers.

Despite my protests and demand for my daughters return, she tells me its not going to happen. The next day I go to the Hamilton CYFS office demanding her return, I am very clearly told to go away, its not going to happen, so I get in touch immediately with my local MP, Martin Gallagher. His personal assistant Maxine (who I have nothing but high praise for,the only competent,sane,human being amongst all the govt employees I’ve had contact with) advised me to return to the Cyfs office with my copy of the agreement.

Amazingly,there was a complete turnaround from the arrogant omnipotence I had encountered earlier. Despite not wanting to sign a return of my daughter agreement I had quickly written up explaining my reasons,the pedophile and idiocy of Joc Meekings,they did sign a blank agreement to return my daughter.

However the damage had been done,the pedophile maintained contact with my daughter and would intercept her on the way to school, prevent her from making her mental health appointments and eventually abducted her and moved her between 3 addresses.

His mother is a lawyer working for IRD, previously for the Govt in the
Solomon Islands. She advises him on what to coach my daughter to say and what things to imply about me.

I have taken this to the very top: Helen Clark, Steve Maharey, Ruth Dyson,as has my local MP. His PA has forwarded me all correspondence as to why the police won’t prosecute him for rape, assault, burglary. All the correspondence from the Ministers is duck shoving, denial and lies. They imply blame on my part, and Cyfs have investigated me 3 times since this has unfolded and each time I have come up blameless.

I realise my daughter may become stable and confident within herself when 25yrs old, but in the meantime I have to hope I don’t get that dreaded knock on the door from the police with bad news.

I have had enough already. My daughter has been effectively placed with a pedophile by Cyfs. He has procured her an abortion twice for his protection from CS orders, keeps her stoned on Ritalin, party pills and p, fitted her with an IUD, and covers her in bruises if she looks at another member of the opposite sex. Our Labour government thinks this is good social policy: yeah right.

The duck shoving, arse covering, lies and denials must stop.

Accountability and integrity are not dirty words.

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