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Boyfriend who committed Statutory Rape given Guardian status of CYFS girlfriend – by CYFS.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 19, 2007

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Boyfriend who committed Statutory Rape given Guardian status of CYFS girlfriend – by CYFS.
Thursday, 08.03.2007, 09:38pm (GMT12)

Although I have not dealt directly with CYFS NZ, I have seen what they are capable of doing – or in this case not doing. When my then 18 year old brother turned up to my house to show off his latest girlfriend – I was shocked to learn she was just 12 years old. She certainly did not look 12 – but after a few months she let slip.Now this particular girl had lost her mother in a car accident at 9 years old. Her only living parent left was a gang member in the

Bay – who dealt in and still does any illegal activity he can. He is well known to the police in the

Bay. Anyway, without getting off topic – they knew he would be obviously unsuitable as a caregiver – and after sending her to live with her grandparents for a few years off and on – she met up with my brother.

When she turned 14 my brother was granted guardian status. I’m sorry – but is there something terribly WRONG with that picture? I couldn’t believe it! But it didn’t stop there. He also got to collect a modest amount of money to support her. She has no education having being able to

SCHOOL at 12 years old.

Although they have long split up – she will never have the life she should have. She now works at a strip joint in Napier – is highly addicted to P – and her father works as a doorman at that same club.

The system let this girl down! In all the times the police were called to sort this girl out (she was also quite out of control) – eventually they just didn’t take notice. Sad. If they are going to have a government department that has the right to make or break a child’s life – that employs people without the appropriate degrees and who also do not realise the influence their actions have on these precious lives and the families – then really – what more can we expect? Whats more – they should have protected this girl from people like my brother – instead they handed her him – and paid him to take her.

It makes me sick. Maybe some kind of workplace training should be implemented! Or better still – maybe they should employ people who have souls and compassion for other lives.

Good luck with this site – And just for the record – I never would have found this site had it not been for the fantastic coverage of the news! Go the media! 🙂

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