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Anti-Smacking Full Coverage (Part2) of Section 59 Bill

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 18, 2007

Scurce: Scoop

Full Coverage (Part2) of Section 59 Bill

Smack Talks: Bradford Angered By Key’s Netogiating Tactics – Green Party MP Sue Bradford expressed disappointment that National Party leader John Key may have effectively torpedoed the proposed talks on S59 by insisting that she must agree beforehand to change her Bill to reflect his point of view. “Earlier this morning Mr Key agreed to meet with me next week, stated no pre-conditions… I now find that unless I agree to change my Bill in the way that he wants even before the talks begin, he seems no longer willing to meet with me,” Ms Bradford says. See… Bradford disappointed at Key’s U-turn on S59 talks ALSO:

  • Greens – Key to meet Bradford on s59 issues next week
  • National – Accept anti-smacking bill is flawed says Key Section 59: Key Suggests Negotiation On Bill, Bradford Pleased – Bradford lauds Key’s s59 efforts, asks to attend Nat caucus Green Party MP Sue Bradford today welcomed National Party leader John Key’s offer to play a constructive role in the debate over her s59 repeal Bill, and is offering to attend the National party caucus to discuss any issues that Mr Key and his colleagues have with the proposed legislation. See… Bradford lauds Key’s s59 efforts

  • NZ Govt – Key needs to show leadership on family violence
  • United Future – Dunne: Key’s call “commonsense”
  • Scoop Feedback – Scoop Feedback: Religion, Democracy and CarbonSmacking Debate: Ron Law’s Dummie’s Guide To The S59 Repeal Bill – Contrary to popular belief, Sue Bradford’s so-called ‘anti-smacking’ Bill has already been defeated by the parliamentary process. Having been the recipient of numerous “anti ‘anti smacking’” or “anti ‘pro beat your kids’” emails I thought it prudent, as a risk & policy analyst, to look at what all the fuss was about so I could make an informed decision myself. See… Ron Law: Section 59 for Dummies

    Section 59: Timaru Whip Lady Back In Court – Today the media reported that the Timaru mother acquitted, under Section 59, of using a riding crop on her son is back in court. “The reported evidence of serious assault on a teenager by a mother and step-father must cause all those who see no relationship between section 59 and child abuse to pause and reflect,” said Murray Edridge, Chief Executive of Barnardos New Zealand. See… Who said changing s59 won’t reduce child abuse?

  • Public Address – Hard News: A Depressing Day In Court
  • Scoop LinkYouTube: The Timaru Lady speaks out – herself
  • Gathering against Anti-smacking Bill (May 2)
  • ‘Bull’ Allen to Officiate at Protest
  • United Future – The anti-smacking Bill – exempting “time-out” Helen ClarkPM’s Presser: Govt Won’t Take Up Section 59 Bill – The spectre of a nation full of delinquent children running amok, their bottom’s protected by the State was not one the Prime Minister seemed overly keen on dwelling on at today’s post-cabinet press conference… According to the PM Sue Bradford’s Bill would not become a Government Bill and would therefore not be pushed through the House this week. The Prime Minister also took some time to make comments about a report into Police Culture prepared by Dame Margaret Bazley that is due for public consumption tomorrow. See…
    Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: PM Smacks S59 Criticism For Six

  • Greens – Bradford still confident of Bill’s success
  • National – Smacking conviction shows the law works
  • Barnardos – Chester Borrows gets it wrong
  • Family First – Polynesian, Maori Students Oppose Bradford Bill
  • Family First – Child Groups Need to Persuade Own Social Workers
  • Family Integrity – A text without a context is a pretext
  • Child Poverty Action Group – Support urged to curb assaults on children
  • United Future – Copeland will seek to amend Smacking Bill
  • National – Winston’s choice: NZ First or Labour First
  • Family Integrity – Naked Grab for Power
  • Society for the Promotion of Community Standards – Minister Misled Parliament over Bradford Bill
  • Society for the Promotion of Community Standards – Exaggeration by ‘anti-smacking’ bill supporters
  • Society For Promotion Of Community Standards Inc. – Bradford’s Bill Supporters Guilty of Distortion
  • United Future – CYF to come-a-knocking when parents go-a-smacking
  • New Zealand Alliance Party – Alliance Party backs Sue Bradford’s bill
  • Judith Collins – Collins Comments – 30 March 2007
  • Murray McCully- – 30 March 2007
  • Richard Worth – NewsWorthy – Dr Richard Worth
  • Family First – National Offers No Reassurance to Parents on Bill
  • Family First – PM Labels Good Parents People who Thrash and Beat
  • Scoop Feedback – Scoop Feedback: Almost Entirely Section 59
  • Society for the Promotion of Community Standards – Anti-Bradford Bill March as It Was, Not as Reported

    Images: Section 59 Bill Protests At Parliament

    Proof  that smacking induces obedience?Joining a dedicated group of religious zealots were members of the anti-tax ‘do what thou wants the whole of the time ‘ party – the Libertarianz, and their guru, broadcaster Lindsay Perigo. Rounding out the numbers fighting for the rights of parents to continue to hit their kids (in a presumably loving manner) were National MPs and retired folk keen to make certain todays’ youngsters didn’t miss out on the discipline that kept them on the straight and narrow. See… Libz, Bible Scholars And Nats Fight S59 Repeal
    Scoop Audio.KiwiFM Audio: Kevin List and KiwiFM’s Wammo state why this is not an anti-smacking bill. It is already an offence to give your child a crack. This bill removes defences that are letting people get off thrashing their kids.
    Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: Scoop’s Kevin List on Radio Active – This is not an Anti-Smacking Bill… that law passed awhile ago. This bill removes a defence that allows thrashing parents to get off!Govt Announces It Will Review Section59 Bill In Two Years – Member of Parliament for Waimakariri Clayton Cosgrove welcomes the adoption by the Government of his idea to conduct a review of the Sue Bradford Bill after it has been in force for two years. See… Cosgrove review of Bradford Bill adopted by Govt

  • NZ Govt – Amendment will monitor effects of Bradford Bill
  • National – Move on smacking bill shows Labour out of touch
  • HARD NEWS from Russell Brown – Public Address 30/03/07 – Human Space Invaders Section 59: Various Famous People Support Bradford Bill – At a special event in Auckland today, a group of well-known Kiwis put their hands up to call for removal of the legal defence provided by section 59 of the Crimes Act. Judy Bailey, Deborah Coddington, Jude Dobson, Brian Edwards, Mark Leishman, Hilary Timmins, the Assistant Anglican Bishop of Auckland Richard Randerson, and Auckland City Councillors Penny Sefuiva, Leila Boyle, Richard Northey, Neil Abel and Cathy Casey, called for all New Zealanders to better protect and treasure children… See… Well-known NZers put up hands to protect children
  • Greens – Bradford welcomes show of support for s59 repeal
  • Family First – Organisations Opposing ‘Anti-Smacking’ Bill
  • Ruby Harrold-Claesson – Bradford’s Bill will create new criminals
  • Matthew Flannagan – Concerned Parents to Gather outside MP’s office
  • Family Life International – Another non-smacking cause of child aggression
  • Focus On The Family – Govt needs to learn to sling mud that’s accurate
  • Scoop Full Coverage (part1) – Scoop Full Coverage of Anti-Smacking BillENDS
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