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The story of the informal CYFS caregivers and the Warehouse vouchers…

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 17, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

The story of the informal CYFS caregivers and the Warehouse vouchers…
Thursday, 08.03.2007, 01:03pm (GMT12)

My husband and I were granted ‘temporary carers’ of my brother-in-laws children as he was deemed an unfit parent. This was a hard decision to make, for all involved.

What this meant was that CYFs had ‘uplifted’ the kids and they were essentially in CYFs care. We were to look after the children under the ‘temporary care’ agreement – essentially meaning we were the CYFs approved caregivers. (The old terminology for this is fostering).

Did you know that as a CYFs approved caregiver you get over $110 (taxfree) per child per week!

We were never in it for any money, and this amount just blew us away. Not only that, but we were told by the case worker that each child was entitled to $150 vouchers every three months, one for food (no alcohol or tabacco) and another for clothing (from The Warehouse – toys can also be purchased)!

We never asked for these vouchers as we found it completely unnecessary – but I can see how some caregivers may be in it for the money. We could have got a good scheme going.

The other interesting point to my story is that after we had the kids for about 2 months, the caseworker came to our home to get paperwork done. She then said that another caseworker would come and do an assessment to give us the CYFs ‘approved caregiver’ approval. This never happened.

So I ask… We were given guardianship over our nephews and were paid a ridiculous amount by WINZ/IRD, and we were never really official ‘approved caregivers’. How can this happen?

(BTW, the money went 100% towards the children. They were spoilt rotten in our care, and we continue to spoil them now even though they are back with their father.)


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