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CYFS eats its own young?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 17, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

CYFS eats its own young?
Thursday, 08.03.2007, 09:32pm (GMT12)

Thank you for this site, it certainly allows you to vent many frustrations.

My husband and I are caregivers to 3 family children, and we have the misfortune of having an association with CYFS in the Far North.

These people LACK: professionalism, honesty, knowledge base, customer service skills, leadership and accountability.

We have been thought the so called “effective avenues” with our grievances to no avail, things haven’t changed.

We had applied for permanency but withdrew mainly because of reports issued by the social worker and a child psychologist which were not supported by any FACTS.

The social worker interviewed the kids ALONE, we were accused of all sorts.

The psychologist quoted so many extracts from books only people in her profession would know that these books even existed.

We were and still are in constant defence mode of ourselves.

Who is our voice? who stands up for us?



One Response to “CYFS eats its own young?”

  1. Jay said

    typical; if cyfs can not understand anything(which is about 100% of the time).
    They rubbish it. Cyfs paid shrinks,
    so full of themselves. It defys the laws of science. I feel it is the ballast of being full of crap that keeps the huge amount of hot air inside them, floating
    these walking turds away.
    Cyfs> evil mother duckers.

    Remember, all you people getting screwed by these sick mutts, have hope,
    Some of us a finalizing a Petition
    to parliament> watch this space, we are taking the war to cyfs.
    Hope to publish details on this site soon. it is in two parts
    Also: need to get copies of pages out for signatures and sent to a safe address. It will happen & Soon.
    We also, have a well respected MP helping us.

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