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“Cunning Plans” used by CYFS to disadvantage clients.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 17, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

“Cunning Plans” used by CYFS to disadvantage clients.
Thursday, 08.03.2007, 02:18pm (GMT12)

Others may want to add to the list.

The media might be interested in this as well.

This knowledge comes from over 15 years working within different Family Courts around the Country.

The voracity of this information could readily be verified simply by doing sample research from Court files or CYFS own records – although I doubt that CYFS CEO Peter Hughes would like to allow that and would bury his head and is probably totally unaware of it happening.

The simple fact is that you will find the majority of applications for Place of Safety Warrants are applied for on a Friday and even more precisely Friday afternoon and most likely after 4 pm.

The purpose of course is twofold

1. When the order is made service on the respondents will not occur until the following week. In the meantime CYF have the weekend and probably a couple of days into the following week to secrete the child/children away and frustrate the client by not being able to respond immediately.

2. In any event the Family Court is already a hectic place on Friday afternoons and by bringing the application in late (sometimes so late duty Judges have to be contacted at home) it increases the pressure on Judges and raises the odds of them being more likely to skip over the evidence and make the order rather than give it a full analysis as they would more likely do during a week day.

Neat little trick – and it works – Ive seen it!!

As an aside – ain’t it interesting that the Family Court (as far as I’m aware) did not proceed with contempt of court or perjury charges against Jaydens mother when they had such hard evidence of these with the falsified DNA certificate – seems more questions need to be asked of Mr. Boshier – if only the media knew the right questions to ask.



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