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More power, but no checks to power = family abuse.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 14, 2007

As posted on CYFWATCH NZ

More power, but no checks to power = family abuse.
Thursday, 12.04.2007, 10:50pm (GMT12)


I have been thinking about my unpleasant experiences with CYFS recently, and some thoughts have clarified in the process. The problem in dealing with CYFS is this: that it is your morality against theirs. And if your morality doesn’t fit theirs, then they have the power to invade your family and remove your rights as a parent, without any evidence. Even though you may not have broken any law.  The public needs protection against this.  While some years back, CYFS powers were increased enormously, the public’s powers of protection were not. The powers of social workers increased, but no simultaneous system of objective checking and balancing was put in place, to make sure that they were using this increased power wisely and sensibly. This is very undemocratic, and we are now seeing the devastating consequences of this.  So, in summary: increased state powers, no effective monitoring system, no increased public protection. Sound like a recipe for disaster????? That’s exactly what we have got!


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