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CYFS job interview woes goes on-line

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 14, 2007

Source: Child Youth & Family Services. CYFS

CYFS job interview woes goes on-line

Me in GreyStar

Me in GreyStar


One Response to “CYFS job interview woes goes on-line”

  1. Jay said

    You are dealing with double-dealing dimbulbs Graeme. not too, bright.
    Come to think of it, not too anything.
    Probably a through back to Viking
    Berserkers. These interesting charactors ,
    had a similar mentality, a few days caged up and starved a bit, they were primed up.
    The Vikings on landing their long boats, let these bods loose to cause havoc and mayhem as well as scare the poo out of the natives.

    Only, now a days these morons are now work for cyfs. And still do a huia of a lot of damage.
    And like the vikings, cyfs still think they are a power unto themselves.

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