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Smacking bill to remain Bradford’s.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 12, 2007

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Smacking bill to remain Bradford’s.
Tuesday, 10.04.2007, 10:44pm (GMT12)

Smacking bill to remain Bradford’s:

Apr 2, 2007

Prime Minister Helen Clark is denying she has been spooked by public opinion on the anti-smacking bill, forcing her to let the bill go through its normal channels.

Clark says Labour now thinks it is best the legislation remains a private member’s bill rather than a government bill. She  says there isn’t really a prospect of completing the bill this week so whether it becomes a government bill or stays a private member’s bill, it will be debated in May.

Clark adds she has no regrets over how Labour’s handled the issue. She says these sorts if issues have their shelf life and just need to work themselves through.

Bradford’s address revealed

Sue Bradford is less than impressed by a controversial website which has revealed her home address.

The Green MP was threatened with violence in February as debate over the anti-smacking bill hit fever pitch.

The website says it has four addresses for the MP on file.

Bradford hopes no-one is foolish enough to use the information to follow through and try to intimidate her. She believes it is great there is such debate around the bill, but she does not want to see the types of intimidation she has received previously.

New amendment

Yet another amendment is being put forward for the bill.

United Future MP Gordon Copeland wants to add a clause to protect parents who put their children into time out, or on a naughty mat. He is sticking to an earlier legal opinion he obtained that suggested parents could be criminalised for time-outs under the bill as it is currently drafted.

Copeland says his amendment will only come into play if National MP Chester Borrows’ amendment, which seeks to define allowable discipline, is voted down.

Heat on Peters over bill stance

The squeeze is being put on New Zealand First over the potential path of the bill.

The party’s caucus meeting on Tuesday could help determine whether Bradford’s legislation is adopted by Labour as a government bill and fast-tracked through parliament.

National Party MP Gerry Brownlee says Winston Peters has an important decision to make on whether to stick with New Zealand First or Labour. He says New Zealand First supporters will be hoping Peters does not desert the principles his party was founded on – to protect the public against bad government.

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