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How many hoops does one need to jump through?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 12, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

How many hoops does one need to jump through?
Thursday, 08.03.2007, 12:20pm (GMT12)

 Yes I have to admit I was an unfit mother and have had my child/children taken into care more than once. The first time I felt was unjustified but later realised that for my childs sake at that time it was the best thing to have happened. No I didnt harm my child but according to the CYFS system at that time I had left her in an unsafe situation. A big harsh lesson learnt ‘Never leave child in anyones care and should anything happen to that child while in someone elses care then you the parent are at fault’. *Mental note taken and chalked up*

Another harsh lesson for all parents to learn is ‘Ignorance is not bliss’. “EDUCATION OF THE SYSTEM” is whats needed. Okay so by now I should be a shark in the system?!! Yeah right!!! Can we use the system to our advantage? I’ve tried but still found myself to be sabotaged. No matter how many hoops you jump through its still not enough. Yes the CYFS system at that time needed a complete overhaul. So now here in the future when CYFS themselves should have learnt from their mistakes…Oooops! the same mistakes are still being made! Uh oh! So I myself as a parent overhauled myself and my life and have found CYFS will always have their hand in every aspect of my life!

Hmmmm…not a happy picture but I’ve learnt to live with it. Suicide for me would be an easy option BUT, who would take care of my children? Who would teach my children that when they grow up and have a family the big BAD wolf knocking at their door is most likely to be CYFS. Why?, because their own mother was?, ‘ nope according to CYFS almighty bible (whatever that is)’, I their mother is and always will be dysfunctional and came from a dysfunctional background. I no longer have much to do with my own family because I have learnt that a circle of dysfunctionality needed to be broken. Did you know that the worst people working for CYFS are extended family? My poor babies I am so sorry for the future that you will have.

Isnt it amazing what CYFS has done for my life and also lets not forget my children? I am now isolated from my family, have ongoing medical and mental problems. Oh my! What a farce!! I’m still waiting for the next CYFS visit. Its been a couple of years but hey! lets face it, they can never let go no matter what you think. Once you the parent are in the CYFS system you will never be free. Sarcasm seems to be my only form of enjoyment now.

Now talking about the future of CYFS, what I would like to know is if we the family, parents or caregivers need to have a higher form of authority keeping an eye on us, who is there to keep and eye on CYFS? Come on everyone I challenge you to sit back and think. We have someone keeping an eye on our banks, car sales, house builders, lawyers and real estate agencys (there are more but its a big headache to keep thinking). We are able to find someone we can complain to should anything like foul play happen. So why doesnt CYFS have the same? I have a couple of opinions that I have come up with is that they are a law unto themselves, and if there was someone able to take on the many complaints that I know there is out there, the poor dude left in charge will be needing psychiatric help probably at least twice weekly. Dont bother looking for answers from our wonderful government. I believe that CYFS was born so that the government has no blame.

If we the parents have to be kept an eye on by our neighbours, doctors, councellors and the system, then we have a world full of untrustworthy people. I believe the word for them is “NARKS”. Socially, so sad. So what are we trying to teach our children? I dont know I’m still trying to figure that one out. Being a good parent is growing with your children and learning from your mistakes.

So in conclusion to this CYFS is there to look after our children? Heck no! there is no conclusion…CYFS is another form of gestapoism.

Okay I think I’ve got that lot out of my system for now, this blog site is the best thing that has ever happened in a long time. Hooray! for its creator, what a genius! Finally a place to vent and rage.


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