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$5 million for a handful of cops – how much for 147 named and shamed CYFS Social Workers?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 12, 2007

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$5 million for a handful of cops – how much for 147 named and shamed CYFS Social Workers?
Wednesday, 11.04.2007, 09:33am (GMT12)

$5m and counting for police sex inquiry

5:00AM Wednesday April 11, 2007
By Louisa Cleave

The inquiry into police conduct has cost the taxpayer more than $5 million – with more than a quarter going in legal fees.

The Government-ordered commission of inquiry was set up in February 2004 to investigate police handling of allegations of sexual misconduct within their ranks and by associates.

It reviewed 313 complaints of sexual assault against 222 police officers between 1979 and 2005, making more than 60 recommendations relating to the Police and the Police Complaints Authority.

Figures released to the Herald by Internal Affairs show the inquiry has so far cost $5,206,628, including GST, with more than $1.4 million paid out in legal fees. However, the full total will not be known until the end of June.

The commission hired top lawyers to assist with the work and they were kept busy with several police challenges during the course of the inquiry.

Among the legal manoeuvring, police successfully opposed the commission’s intention to survey people involved in supporting sexual assault victims.

They also raised concerns about the procedures adopted, asking the commission to undertake a “fundamental overhaul”.

Police have defended their use of lawyers as an important part of due process.

The Government-funded authority asked whether the commission had the jurisdiction to inquire into its workings and make recommendations relating to it.

The commission’s findings drew an apology from Police Commissioner Howard Broad and an undertaking to implement all recommendations, including a code of conduct for police.

Commissioners Dame Margaret Bazley and Justice Bruce Robertson received fees totalling $267,699. Justice Robertson asked to be discharged in May 2005 leaving Dame Margaret to carry on alone. Their combined hours were recorded as 1570 – the equivalent of 39.25 working weeks.

Inquiry costs

Personnel: $1,403,656

Travel costs: $84,818

Operating costs: $1,976,404

Commissioner fees: $267,699

Legal fees: $1,474,049


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