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If you play with dogs, you get fleas – people voting against the Bradford Bill with their wallets.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 9, 2007

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If you play with dogs, you get fleas – people voting against the Bradford Bill with their wallets.
Monday, 09.04.2007, 01:23pm (GMT12)

The management teams of Barnardos and Plunket should be sacked:

Charities pay price of backing Bradford

5:00AM Monday April 09, 2007

Children’s charity Barnardos, which has been a frontline supporter of Green MP Sue Bradford’s “anti-smacking” bill, says it has taken a hit from bill opponents who have stopped making donations.

So far, more than 60 organisations, charities and businesses have publicly stated their support for Ms Bradford’s proposed law change. Many of them, especially charities, rely on public donations to continue their work.

Barnardos said its backing for the bill had had an impact both in terms of public perception and financial support.

“That’s part of the cost of what we are committed to,” chief executive Murray Edridge said.

“We have some people who clearly feel so strongly about our support for the legislation that they don’t want to continue to support the organisation financially. They are in the minority, but it’s disappointing to lose anybody in terms of support for what we do.”

Several other charities spoken to by the Herald said they had received angry emails and letters from bill opponents. Some reported a noticeable drop in support while others were concerned how later fundraising would be affected.

“I don’t think you would say it was an observable impact at the moment, but we have had people call in and say that they have supported Plunket but because of this they would no longer do that,” he said. “It’s a relatively small number, and it’s something that when people have such strong views you have to expect.”

Unicef and Save the Children said they had not seen a drop-off, but as much of their work was helping children overseas they did not think they were copping a backlash from New Zealanders angry over the Bradford bill.

Family First director Bob McCoskrie said his organisation, which has been at the forefront of protests against the Bradford bill, had not urged people to withdraw support for charities.

He had heard of a backlash and was not surprised.

“They have lost a lot of respect in this debate. It is something they should have stayed out of, they should have said we’re just going to continue the frontline work, but they decided to go full-bore, especially Barnardos and Plunket, and it does seem to have backfired on them,” Mr McCoskrie said.

“The work they are doing is fantastic. We just question their objectivity on this issue, simply because they are government-funded, and there is a very strong Government agenda being pushed on this issue.”

Mr Edridge said he had received some “rather interesting” communications from people opposed to the legislation. Most felt the bill could see them made criminals and asked how Barnardos could support that.

“I’ve written back to them to say that is not the intent of the legislation, and I’m not going to judge how they parent their children,” Mr Edridge said.

“I’m saddened people choose to withdraw support because that’s not a good outcome for us longer-term and it’s not a good outcome for kids.”

One Response to “If you play with dogs, you get fleas – people voting against the Bradford Bill with their wallets.”

  1. Graeme said

    How about the 60 organisations and Charities that support the anti smacking Bill also support an inquiry and CYFS complaints authority being setup sooner rather then later.
    Anyone who supporting this Bill is giving CYFS more power to uplifht kids.
    While the police might use common sence they have to report all complaints to CYFS.
    Does anyone have a list of the 60 organisations and Charities so I can put this question to them all personally. If so can you publish it on the webpage please.

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