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Time to Get a RUTH!!!

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 8, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

This is a funny alert!

Time to Get a RUTH!!!
Sunday, 08.04.2007, 06:43pm (GMT12)

artist: “Graeme”


2 Responses to “Time to Get a RUTH!!!”

  1. Jay said

    Cripes, easy to tell which one is the stuffed unit. And it does not even come with a broomstick. Is she wearing a ‘Scary Movie’ mask/ Geez; hard to tell.
    Does she come with her own sack to put over the head?
    Why I ask is: I printed out a picture,
    showed it to our cat. It took one look, fur went on end, shot out the door, landed on dog having a snooze.
    Dog near pooped itself.
    Anyone seen a cat and dog, last seen
    howling and screeching loud enough to wake the dead, doing about 100 K’s an hr down the highway?
    If the tinned oinks pull them over and give them a ticket, it can be sent to frigging Dyson. (The one with the sack on top of it)!

  2. Jay said

    Wot, no more comments?
    Ok a story>
    Humpty Dyson sat on a wall.
    Humpty dyson played the fool,
    She swung an empty at BentBum-Pope.
    And fell off of the wall!

    All the security men and Queen Helen’s
    Labourites could not put her back together again.
    After a while, they said:
    “Stuff it, she is an egg anyway!”

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