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Aren’t school teachers supposed to teach?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 8, 2007

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Aren’t school teachers supposed to teach?
Thursday, 08.03.2007, 10:52am (GMT12)

New Zealand: Where men are crucified: I fully support the blog site, it must stay up!.

Well, where do you begin? One Friday!! Cyfs steps in.

I trusted these people, and gave them all details and information to check, and have been as honest as one can be!! As a solo father going for custody of his own child., drug tested, parenting classes, psychologist report with a recent home visit etc. This had taken several years.


He then married the women he loves with 3 children, he calls his own. This family were prepared for their family court date due in weeks. Without any investigation of the above that I am aware of, as cyf said it was not about their eldest son,soon to be 7. We will not interfere with that. It did not make much sense to me. But take my grandson home with me, so his father can have supervised visits, or also stay with us till they carry out their investigation. Prior to the court day.


My son was guilty, beheaded,crucified, hung out to dry. Lost his wife and children, all in different directions at present. Not one home visit, or any social worker contact other than my own attempts and only the 2 visits to their office, to try and find out what the hell is going on, firstly we believe teachers who with absolutely no training in these matters, come to the conclusion this child must be abused, one of four. At the age of 6.


A stepson, taken to cyf by this teacher, by the way denied doing so, parents arrive at school to find cyfs have taken the children, panic stricken, beside themselves, whats going on!! The grandparents arrive, stepdad accused of child abuse, we believe children. You have no idea of the interigation. They had this family ripped apart, divorce, sell the house, the one I purchased to help them on their way. Never see him again, no offer of help what so ever, the judge jury and executioners.


I heard it all, if you do not separate you will not get your children back. As any decent father would do, followed the rules, house on market, mum close to the children under supervision.

PS Her mother has been in Arohata Prison for assault, now there are 6 children and 5 adults living in a 2 bedroom house, but that’s ok with cyf! The abused child elsewhere, and the fourth with me, without contacting his mother for the past five weeks.


The family court day arrived, shock horrer cyf letter, that they deny sending, stopped four years of full support in its tracks, nothing else mattered, but the allegation by this teacher, and much more added, to make him read like a total monster. The judge made it clear cyf had no rights to give me my grandson while this investigation was to be carried out, he is now with his mother, who gave him to my son willingly when he was a baby. No drug tests, no parenting classes,no anger management etc. I was the second choice by my grandson if he could not live with his father, his own words. He has his own legal council. A loving family destroyed in hours.


The abused child’s own great grandma had recently passed away. He had been sullen, and at times very angry as he misses her terribly. This sick bad man, dearly loved by his sisters, 7 nephews, niece, and over twenty cousins, dresses up as Father Christmas, hides easter eggs to have a treasure hunt, makes horse, trains, planes and Sponge Bob birthday cakes and many other favourites, muffins, toffee etc, always involved in many other activitites.


The best babysitter and totally trusted with all the children, some of them at the age, they can now testify if allowed. The ironic thing, he wanted to be a teacher himself. He’s no angel, he made mistakes, but we all grow, get stronger and do the best we can when we love our family. And we are a very, VERY CLOSE FAMILY with a lot of support to each other always, had cyf bothered to find out, or contact any of our family and friends.


I have read other horror stories on this blog site about cyf and can’t add anymore to how f…d off with this incompetent department I am, and it needs to be severly overhauled to stop them destroying any more families. Concrete boot style.


The Family Court should involve the whole family. The author of
New Zealand: where men are not welcome said it all. . Cyf . department has f….d up so many times before, needs to be held accountable. NO MORE SECRETS AND LIES. Words of advice. Always use a tape recorder when dealing with these people.


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