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Is the parent EVER believed?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 7, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Is the parent EVER believed?
Thursday, 08.03.2007, 09:24am (GMT12)

Hi there.

I was very pleased somebody is finally giving these bastards their just deserts and something has to be finally done to stop these culprits. I am a mother of four children,whom three of them have disabilities. Cyfs came into our lives about four years ago and ever since I have had nothing but bullying, intimidation, lies, punishment etc.

We were all in a happy loving caring environment, as I got good feedback reports from everyone involved. I was working for a living while I had my children in preschool and primary school and was providing the best for my family. The children were taken into care and the older sibling remained in my care. It had unsettled all our family and the children had gone into regression and depression since leaving my home.

It was devastating to see my sons having serious behavioural problems of hair pulling, scratching face and temper tantrums. This was evidential of a psychologist from the court in his report that the children had gone into regression and depression since in care and found nothing wrong with my parenting and found no reason why the children were uplifted in the first place. He wanted to go to court and testify on our behalf, but to this day nobody has asked him to do so.

My 9yr old son was returned to my care two years ago, as they sent him home and not the other boys. He has been diagnosed with a disorder which he requires tablets at night to help him sleep, as the whole incident due to cyfs has traumatised him. My two younger boys remain in care and have been the subject of abuse while in cyfs custody.

I know abuse happens in cyfs care as I was made a state ward from 6-16 yrs and I suffered many years of it. There should be some law where as a parent we listen to our children’s cries and the dept doesn’t want to take notice, we should have a right to defend. I don’t sit quietly as I tell the dept what I think and for whatever I say I get punished…It must stop, as I am sick and tired of being blamed for nothing and the dept get all the credit for their lies and betrayal.

Something needs to be done and I will be willing to go further if need be. Good luck to all the parents out there.


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