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Press Release to the NZ Media 5/4/07.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 6, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Urgency on CYFSWATCH cases now apparent:

Press Release to the NZ Media 5/4/07.
Thursday, 05.04.2007, 08:51am (GMT12)

The Media really need to start paying attention to the stories posted on CYFSWATCH  – and so does the Labour Government.

3 women complain about alleged historical sexual assault by the Police.

Result: Commission of Enquiry, 60 detailed recommendations from the subsequent Enquiry report, more independence promised (together with greater public access) from the Police Complaints Authority, a dedicated 0800 complaints number, and a new role for hearing complaints similar to the Ombudsman.

147 families complain about alleged historical intervention abuse; perjury; perverting the course of justice; hostage taking; negligence; incompetance; false reporting; trespass; false allegations; placing children in care that gets them abused or killed; client manipulation; a wall of silence from the Ministry of Social Development; departmental bullying; misrepresentation; family bullying; parental alienation; enforced counselling; ripping children from the breasts of thier mothers; biased funding for travel costs; false letter campaigns; mis-quoting NZ law; sexual harrassment of staff by senior MSD management; sexual deviancy by the Minister of Social Development, including child bondage fantasies; false and inappropriate diagnosis beyond practice training and competance; false police reports; false and concealed case noting; false allegations of abuse by family members; over 40% of the Dept unqualified to practice; over 70% failing to meet minimum practice (5 years) competancy criteria; and manipulation of the Family Court process, just to name a few of the examples on the CYFSWATCH site about the Department of Child, Youth, and Family.

Result: Two attempts by the Labour Government, the Green Party, and the Ministry of Social Development to shut down the CYFSWATCH site.

CYFSWATCH thus repeats its call for:

  • A Royal Commission of Enquiry into CYFS, with wide and transparent terms of reference;

  • An independent Complaints Authority for parents and families who may lodge these complaints to an agency that is wholly seperate and independent from any Government involvement, and an agency with the powers to censure, dismiss, and prosecute the Social Workers and CYFS staff found guilty of the above behaviour.


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One Response to “Press Release to the NZ Media 5/4/07.”

  1. Wayne Fergusson said

    My sentiment exactly, Section 59 doesn’t need to be repealed.
    An independent complaints authority’s implemented appropriately will void the need for further senseless legislation to help protect our children and family’s,
    All of us including Government Depts must have genuine integrity, principles, morals and honest accountability – it is the only sensible solution.
    Thanks watchingctfswatch and its supporters for encouraging such process

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